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What is the best security camera for business

Sometimes business is about taking risks - investments, new ideas, new products, etc. Securing what you have worked so hard to achieve is simply a logical decision. So, with a resolve to do so, how do you go about it and what does it include? Let’s start at the beginning, CCTV cameras. They are an inevitable part of any security system, whether you’re an owner of a small restaurant, market, or big company. They will be your eyes and ears and provide you with evidence in case of trouble. Moreover, well-protected businesses may have fewer opportunities to experience security issues because well-protected facilities are less tempting. That’s what we learned after more than 35 years in the Locksmith and Security industry. Let’s take a closer look at the best security cameras for business owners. All the information below is based on this experience.

What are the types of security systems

The security market has grown fast due to the wide variety of products. Security systems for businesses include fire alarms, security alarm systems, access control systems, wireless systems, etc. So, let's look at the most common of them that could be used to protect your business.
Security alarm systems
These systems are equipped with sensors that work once someone tries to get inside through the window or by attempting to break down the doors. Some systems provide 24/7 monitoring so you don’t need to spend time watching the footage on your own.
Wireless alarm systems

This system has a significant advantage over other methods as you can make it undetectable to intruders. Those who try to break in won’t know that they have been spotted. Even if criminals cut down the electricity, most systems have extra batteries to keep the system working without the power.

Video surveillance systems

With video surveillance, you can protect the totality of your facility. Every interior space as well as the complete outside of your building. It will be much easier to see who came in and who went out. See someone suspicious? Save the footage and compare it on different days. It might be a criminal looking for something valuable.

man opens sensor door lock
Access control systems

It could be a perfect solution for companies who work in giant buildings with many rooms and offices. As a manager, you will see who entered a specific room. The intruder won't escape as you can track their movement.

To make each of these systems work properly, you have to ensure that they are installed correctly. In that case, it would probably be wise to go for professional security services.

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Which CCTV is best for business

Searching for CCTV cameras for business, people pay attention to their advantages. An observation angle, the quality of the footage, the ability to record video 24/7, etc. To protect your business from theft, you may need to use all of them. There are hundreds of cameras on the market today, which are both - good and bad. It’s great to have options, but choosing might be challenging. We have our top 3 that could grab your attention.
  • Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight

    Overall, it's the best camera system available on the market and we’re not the only one who claims that. With this system, you get up to 6 cameras that allow you to shoot video in 2K with HDR. You can place them on the tightest angles with a 160-degree viewing angle and a long-lasting battery. Motion detection and an integrated spotlight make a recording at night much easier.

  • Panasonic WV-S3131L Dome Camera

    Being small, this camera could be placed in an inconspicuous place, so the thief might not see it. Another advantage of this device is that it has infrared LEDs, which allow you to get night footage. With an implemented microphone, you also can record clean audio. Records footage in 1080 HD.

  • D-Link Vigilance DCS-4605EV

    A water- and dust-resistant outdoor sabotage-preventing camera that could be operated in a temperature range from 32 to 104 degrees. An included management software lets you set up motion detection for on-demand recording and control OF the camera tilt. This device also records in 1080 HD.

Small business security & alarm monitoring systems

How do we imagine security alarm systems? Ideally, it’s a combination of small size, versatility, usefulness and, of course, an affordable price. These systems were created to protect a business from theft and secure the workers, so they would know that their workspace is safe.
It’s important to control who has access to your facility and how long these people stay inside. Whether you track some strange activity or just everyday movement you will be able to find out about what's happening at your workplace. Employees who trust each other will feel more confident and be able to show their productivity. You can choose systems that provide a combination of self-monitoring and professional surveillance.
Why do restaurants need security?

A water- and dust-resistant outdoor sabotage-preventing camera that could be operated in a temperature range from 32 to 104 degrees. An included management software lets you set up motion detection for on-demand recording and control OF the camera tilt. This device also records in 1080 HD.

digital security system
digital security system

Summing up

Video surveillance is an essential part of security systems for businesses. Having the knowledge of who has access to your workspace, makes it much easier to reveal potential intruders. However, the installation process is complicated as you need to install everything correctly. Cameras, sensors, control panels and other devices work as one mechanism, you therefore should ensure that there are no potential issues. There is no need to do everything alone - call Sure Lock & Key. We have secured hundreds of businesses over the last three decades. We are here 24 hours a day, throughout the year to assist you with any of your security needs.

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