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Home Security System: Pros And Cons

We all know that man’s home is his castle. And surely a castle has to be as secure as possible. We were accustomed to spending more time out of our homes, but the pandemic has changed everything. Today our home is not only a safe haven after a hard day but also our workspace and in some cases even the space for activities. Its role in people’s lives has never been more important.

Nowadays we have lots of methods to make our homes even more comfortable and secure. In this blog post, we’re going to speak about home security systems. The reasons why may need it and its advantages. Sure Lock & Key is here to make all of this clear and easy to understand!

How Does A Home Security System Work

Generally speaking, a home security system protects your home from intrusion by securing doors, windows, and all the points that can be easily accessed by thieves. Your home’s interior space will be safeguarded against burglars as well. So, in case of danger, your alarm system will alert the police and let you know that something is wrong.

Home Security System Components

Home security systems are highly advanced technology that consists of lots of different devices. Depending on your system’s model, it may have or may not have some details such as interior and exterior motion sensors, floodlights, sirens, doorbells equipped with cameras, entry point sensors, security cameras, glass-break sensors, etc. But in any case, it will have a central control panel.
Typically, a home security system, except for the control panel, consists of sensors, floodlights, doorbells, and cameras.
  1. The control panel - is a central point of a home security system. You can use it only if you’re the authorized user to switch on/off an alarm. Typically, to pass authorization you need to enter a password, but some of the latest home security systems can be operated by voice commands.
  2. Sensors usually are installed both inside and outside your home. They transmit the signal to your control panel once something happens. Then, depending on your security home system type, it will trip the alarm and alert you or the police. Door and window sensors, motion sensors, and glass-break sensors are devices that consist of two pieces. One of them normally is installed on the door or window itself and the other on the frame so they make an electrical circuit. When something is wrong with this circuit, the control panel will sound an alarm after it gets the signal.
  3. Floodlights - are, in some sense, motion sensors for your house exterior. However, they don’t work classically, the alarm won’t sound when they are tripped. Their function is to flood the area with light to scare a burglar and to let the owner know that something is going on.
  4. Doorbells let you know what is happening outside your house and who’s waiting to enter. We believe that transparent front doors are more secure than non-transparent ones because you can see if everything outside is alright upon leaving your house. However, lots of homeowners don’t like the idea of transparent doors. In such a situation, a video doorbell is a perfect solution. You can check who’s ringing without letting this person know you’re inside.
  5. Cameras are one of the most popular security devices. Even if you don’t know how sensors or floodlights work, you surely know what cameras are installed for. Except for letting you know what is going on in your yard, they also can work as a “scarecrow” letting intruders know that they would get caught quickly and easily.

Of What Types Home Security Systems Can Be

Home security systems can be of different kinds. And the right security system for you can be wrong for your friend or neighbor. The choice depends on your specific situation and needs. So, what type of home security systems are there?
A self-monitored security system is an option if you want to deal with everything yourself. You can customize the system to your liking. And in case of intrusion, the system will sound alert to let you know that you’re in danger and you have to decide whether to call the police, fire department, ambulance, no one, or all of them at once.
Professionally monitored security systems are for the people who want to rely on professionals. These systems alert your security company, and then the expert deals with the problem. Some of the most popular home security companies are ADT, Brinks, Nest, Vivint, etc.
entering a pin for security system
Professional security companies can offer you two types of home security systems - wireless and wired systems. Naturally, the parts of wired systems are connected to the control panel by wires. Lots of people consider such a system more secure and reliable than wireless systems because no network issues can switch them off. Wireless systems are connected to the control panel by a cellular network. They are easier to install and improve when needed. But they require your constant attention and diligence because you just can’t forget to replace the batteries if you want to keep your home safe.
entering a pin for security system

How Much Does A Home Security System Cost

The price for a Home security system consists of two components. You have to pay for all the equipment you get. And here the price totally depends on your needs. How many cameras and sensors do you need? The average price for an extra camera is approximately $100, an extra sensor will cost you about $30.

Do I Need A Home Security System

The decision to get a home security system can be a hard one. Before getting this system, you should weigh the pros and cons. But there are lots of situations where you don’t need to hesitate. First of all, you better call for a home security system asap if you live in an area with a high crime level. Also, if you go out of town and no one can keep an eye on your home, a home security system would be a great solution to sleep soundly whenever you are. And last but not least, you should consider getting a home security system if you store some valuable assets in your home. Then it doesn’t matter whether you live in a safe area, or never leave your home, because you need to be totally calm. Also, it would be nice to install a home security system for your parents, for example, if they live alone. You would have access, so you will know immediately if something happens.
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digital house model

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