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What is a key-cutting machine

If you don't know what a key-cutting machine is, then don't worry because a few people know about this device. It is better only to know that if you have lost your keys, then this is one of the best solutions. Thus, a key-cutting machine is used for easy key production in a short time. The mechanism of making keys with a key-cutting machine is to copy the cutters on one key and, at the same time, transfer the copy to the key blank. Key-cutting technology is a great alternative to key duplication that doesn't require much effort or money. Despite the fact that the modern locksmith industry is developing and there are modernized methods of making keys, key-cutting machines are still often used.

Types of key-cutting machines

There are different kinds of key-cutting machines designed to make different key types. However, the manufacturing mechanism of all of them is approximately the same, which makes them easy to use. Basically, machines for making keys can be divided into manual, automated and laser machines. As the name suggests, manual key cutters are hand-operated and are the least accurate of the other machines. An automated key-cutting machine does not require manual labor but cuts the key by itself using a stylus. Laser devices work according to the same mechanism as automated devices but use a laser for cutting. The other most frequently used types of key-cutting machines include:
Key cutting machine
  • tubular key-cutting machines
  • cylinder key-cutting machines
  • mortice key-cutting machines
  • dual key cutting machines
Key cutting machine

How does a key machine work

As already mentioned above, key-cutting machines work on the principle of copying. Thus, the device copies the blades of one key and transfers the copy to the key blank. As for how different types of key-cutting machines work, the principle of operation is the same. The only difference is what type of operator uses the cutting device. So, let's consider how a key-cutting machine works using the example of a manual type. To make a new key, first of all, you need a blank that is most similar to the key from which the blades will be copied. Then insert the original key into the first vice in a way that the teeth are directed upwards. After that, insert the key blank into the second vise, which houses the cutting blade. After ensuring that the key and the workpiece are well fixed, you can turn on the machine.
duplication of keys
So, the key-cutting machine will independently determine the necessary speed and angle for cutting, while you just need to circle the cutters of the original key. After cutting, remove dust from the new key and check the cutters for sharp edges.
duplication of keys

How long does key cutting take

One of the main advantages of key cutting is the fast production time. Yes, with little effort and in a short time, you can get a new key. The only difference in manufacturing time is the type of key that needs to be cut. Thus, making a yale key takes less than a minute to make, while mortise or "Chubb" keys take about 5 minutes to make. Making keys for safes takes the most time due to certain difficulties in cutting. So, it takes more than 20 minutes to make a key for a safe.

Can the locksmith cut a key from a broken key

Any professional locksmith can cut a new key even from a broken key. In order to make a new key with the help of a key-cutting machine, it will be necessary to get all the pieces of the broken key. For this, it is more advisable to contact a professional locksmith company so that the locksmith can retrieve the broken key and not damage the lock. If the key is too damaged or all the pieces are missing, then the locksmith can also cut a new key using the lock.

Summing up

The key-cutting machine is a great invention with the help of which we can easily get the new keys in minutes and without much effort. However, you may not need to learn how it works or spend a lot of time doing key-cutting yourself, as you can always count on our assistance! Sure Lock & Key provides a full range of residential locksmith services, including key-cutting and duplication. Thus, give us a call, and we will be glad to fix any of your issues!

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