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What are the pros and cons of a fiberglass door

Whether it's your house or office building, you would want to provide it with the best security possible. One of the first aspects you'll need to take care of is the door you choose for your front entry. There are so many options out on the market today. They are of various shapes and sizes and they can be composed of different materials.

You can always go with a classic wooden door that has been tested with time. However, if you want to enhance the security level and renovate your building in a way you can consider some of the newer door options. One of the materials that have been widely used lately is fiberglass. Today, we want to talk more about the doors made of this material and which advantages and disadvantages they have.

What is a fiberglass door

First of all, let's define what a fiberglass door is exactly and how it is built. Sometimes this door type is also called a composite door. In general, fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic. To create this material, manufacturers heat the glass until it melts and then it is forced and flattened into the sheet form. This type of material is strong but lightweight and flexible at the same time. Fiberglass can be easily modified and shaped the way you need.
When it comes to a fiberglass door, it consists of two sides that are made of a sturdy, strong material and a polyurethane foam center. This type of material makes the door less vulnerable to rotting, molding and the influence of moisture. The center of the door provides it with insulation and makes it soundproof.
fiberglass exterior door
fiberglass exterior door

The pros of a fiberglass door

If you're hesitant about whether this kind of door is suitable for you, look at some of the advantages it can offer you.
  • One of the biggest benefits of fiberglass doors is their durability. They can withstand various attacks and extreme weather conditions. It is suitable for basically any place, no matter what climate there is.
  • These doors don't require a lot of maintenance. They're less likely to rot, crack or mold than doors made of other materials.
  • They make your building more energy-efficient because of the insulation they provide. It's way easier to control the temperature levels when you have a fiberglass door.
  • A fiberglass door is a great option in terms of appearance as well. Many people love wooden doors because of how they look and a fiberglass door can almost perfectly imitate them.
front fiberglass door
However, no matter how great and secure the fiberglass door is, it might be lacking without a proper lock. There are so many lock types to choose from and you can purchase the one that suits your needs more.
front fiberglass door

The cons of a fiberglass door

Just like any other door type, a fiberglass door has certain drawbacks. Before purchasing this kind of door, take these factors into consideration.
  • If you have a limited budget, this type of door might not be the best option for you. They are considered to be one of the most expensive doors on the market today.
  • It's almost impossible to adjust a fiberglass door to the size of your frame. You can't trim or cut these doors.
  • This door type requires professional installation and you probably won't be able to save money by not using the assistance of a skilled technician. It's definitely not a DIY option.
Even though a fiberglass door can provide your building with a high level of protection, there are a few other security measures you can take. Think about installing security cameras with motion detectors and an alarm system. For that purpose, you can always use professional security services.

Summing up

A qualitative door is one of the best ways to protect your building from intruders and from many other external threats. It's essential to consider many aspects and choose your door responsibly. The first thing to define when choosing a door is the material it'll be composed of. A fiberglass door is one of the most secure and durable ones. However, it's quite expensive and requires professional installation. Take that into consideration before purchasing one.
After you're done with the door choice, Sure Lock & Key will gladly equip it with the proper lock. Just give us a call!

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