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Burglar-Proofing a Doggy Door

Installing a dog door is not only a whim but also a necessity. That door is a life-saver in situations when you are late but your pet needs to go for a walk. In this case, dog doors are great solutions that will help your pet do their business and preserve your interior. However, how to make this device functional but with no effect on your house's safety? This question is fundamental because objects damaged by a dog or a cat bring less trouble than a thief breaking into a house. Therefore, in this article, we would like to consider ways to make dog doors burglar-proof.

Do burglars use dog doors

If you think burglars do not use dog doors to sneak into houses, we have bad news for you. That is one of the most popular ways to break into someone else's house without much effort, and it's just as easy to get out. This way, the thief does not have to think of machinations, how to pass the security systems and deal with the locks, and it also allows to make the theft unproven. Even if you don't have a large dog, that doesn't mean a thief won't try to use your doggy door to get into the house. Some criminals are so inventive that they use children who can fit through a small door and open it from the inside. Therefore, it is very important to make the dog door not only comfortable for your pet but also safe.
dog door
dog door

Electronic dog doors

One way to make your home more secure is to install an electric dog door. These doors work with the help of a transmitter that is attached to the dog's collar. Thus, the door will open when the receiver accepts a signal from the transmitter. This option is an ideal solution for small-breed dogs or cats. Also, this door will help you to protect your home from wild animals like raccoons and possums. However, there are several nuances in using these doors for larger dogs. First, your dog will have to wear the transmitter on its collar at all times. Second, electronic dog doors are made of thin plastic and can hold critters up to 30-40 pounds. Therefore, if the thief still wants to break into the house, they will have to make little effort.
dog in electronic dog door
dog in electronic dog door

Doggie door lock

If you are going on holiday and don't want to leave the doggy door open, then you may also install a lock on the door. Of course, this option is reasonable only if you take your pet with you it will not use the door. So you can install the simplest door lock on the doggy door and lock it like a front door. You can also consider installing additional security devices like an alarm system or CCTV cameras. In this way, you will always be able to monitor the situation near your home, even remotely. Home security systems allow you to monitor and have control over everything that is going on near your house.
Another way to make a dog door more secure is to put it out of sight. So, you can install them not on the front door of your house but, for example, on the other side. This way, your pet will have access to the yard, but from an inconspicuous side.

Summing up

Ensuring the safety of the house is the most important thing for every owner. Therefore, even when installing a door for dogs, you should also take care of safety issues. Therefore, regardless of what safety devices you choose to protect your dog door, you can always count on professional locksmith services! Sure Lock & Key provides all types of residential locksmith services and will be happy to solve any of your locksmith problems!

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