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The benefits of an electronic safe - something you may not know

Aesthetically, A digital safe differs from the classic models, mostly because of the lock complexion. Given several options to secure money, documents, or other valuables, a safe with an electronic lock significantly increases security. Unlike mechanical lock safes, those models keep owners away from several problems. You don't need a key to unlock your safe because now you have a digital lock with a combination. It's not the only reason to choose an electronic digital safe. Keep reading this post and we, Sure Lock & Key, will provide you with a number of important advantages regarding electronic safes.

Durability and reliability

Electronic digital safes have a higher resistance level. The risk of wear and tear is lower than on classical safes, provided the proper maintenance and care are kept. Ensuring that your safe is in the proper condition will help to minimize the risk. An example of a potential problem would be to install it in a place with high humidity. The reason being that the lock, which is the core part of the safe, is controlled by a computer and multiple chips, which might get damaged by moisture.

Density means comfort

If you aren't sure of the reasons as to why you may need to invest in a safe, or as to what type or size of a safe you would need, let us assist you in arriving at your best solution. What would you prefer, keeping your documents and money on the table or inside the safe where only you have access to them? The obvious truth is that in the vast majority of scenarios you would prefer a safe. However , there is no need to get a massive safe, especially if you want to keep your money or documents there. So in this scenario choosing a small electronic safe would be the logical choice. You can place it on the table or the floor in your office. The main consideration is to make sure that it's comfortable for you to use and that it is secure. You may want to bolt it down so that someone having access can’t just walk away with it.
woman opens a safe
woman opens a safe

Manage access

If an electronic digital safe is required for two or more people, a manager can control the access and see who is using it. Each person has a specific code that allows them to use the safe. The owner can delete or lock out the other users anytime, so the risk of a possible theft is very low. Some electronic safe locks have a time delay, so you can manage the exact time when the safe will remain unlocked (for example, during holidays).

Need more information?

A wrong try penalty

If the person entered 5 invalid codes in a row, a “wrong try penalty” activates. The number of tries and the amount of time it lasts differs depending on the safe model. That function was created to win you time. The thief will have to stop and give up or search for other opening methods. The best part about it is that, when the penalty is over, you can use your safe again if the thief wasn’t too violent in his entry attempt.. However, the robber is unlikely the person who will try to open your safe carefully, so damage, unfortunately, is possible. Professional safe locksmith services may be what you need to deal with the consequences.
safe opening
safe opening

Summing up

Digital safes are becoming more popular among users as they offer a higher protection level than classical safes. They also allow a person to go keyless. Generally, an excellent piece of advice regarding purchasing a new safe would be to scrutinize the brand, the seller, the company that produced it, and most important your specific needs. Once you have obtained all the needed information, you can make a wiser educated decision. Your research will help you to understand exactly how an electronic safe lock works and what issues could happen. If this seems a bit overwhelming to do alone or at all, you can call a professional locksmith for help. Highly trained technicians from Sure Lock & Key are ready to assist you throughout the day and will not only make you safer we will make you feel safer. Whether you need to change a safe combination or replace the strongbox, give us a call. We use cutting-edge, hi-tech mobile service vans to reach you as quickly as possible. We developed our mobile laboratory over many years so that we may be able to reach our clients and perform almost every possible service, as soon as possible.

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