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Thousands Of Dollars For Car Keys

We are sure that you would think $1,000 for a car key or key fob is a crazy thought? Then we’re sure you would be surprised if in this post, you find some keys that cost over a half a Million Dollars!


A car key can be a piece of art, a uniquely designed device with a certificate to approve its status. In the world of luxury cars, every detail must be a perfect fit. An ordinary key fob, even though it works perfectly, won’t match the spirit, style or aesthetic. Some of these truly unique keys are definitely worth some attention. You can even say that there are those that are a distinguished achievement of modern technology and craftsmanship. Sure Lock & Key prepared the list of the most expensive keys and key fobs in the world today to give you an idea of what is possible or just to provide you with an amusing topic of conversation. In any case, let’s check it out!

BMW I8 Futuristic Key

BMW has produced numerous cars and its vehicles have won the hearts of many car owners over the years. As we can expect, this basic BMW key fob won’t be on the cheap side. Depending on the modification, it will cost you at least $1,000 and in some cases much more. It connects to the car’s computer to transfer data, including your gas level, temperature, and the miles you have left before having to recharge. In addition, this key fob allows parking remotely when you are outside the car.
BMW car key
BMW car key

Pagani Huayra Roadster Miniature Key

Would you like to buy a Huayra Roadster? Sorry, you missed your chance to buy one of the 100 units, as all cars were sold for $2.4 million each. The design of these keys replicates the car’s shape, and it is made with the aluminum used to make the wheels. You can start the vehicle with one half of a key, and the other half can be used as a USB. The price of this key is nearly $5,000.

Eng-I-Creation’s Fold-Up Keys

In case expensive luxury cars aren’t unique enough, you can buy a silver-gold key fob. This type of car key fob will cost you $7,000. Eng-i-Creation uses silver and wood with an embellishment of gold. However, if the unfortunate day should come, where something happens to the key, the ease and cost of a car key replacement or duplication will surely not be like that of a regular car key fob.

Ferrari Key By S.P. Green & Co

This key is encrusted with more than 1,100 diamonds and costs nearly $23,000. However, if diamonds are not what you prefer, you can select from many different gemstones and metals. There are myriads of options waiting for you if you want to spend a fortune on one car key.

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The Aston Martin AMV OX2 Watch

The Aston Martin AMV OX2, is a watch. “A watch?” you may ask. Yes, this is an incredible combination developed jointly with Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin. This designer watch can open up your Aston Martin DB9. It also allows you to locate your car, unlock and lock the doors, and flare up the headlights. This key will cost you $34,000. It has a slight advantage over the other luxury car keys mentioned in this blog post. What is that advantage? Simple. You will always know where your key is. Yes, that’s right. It will be sitting on your wrist.
car kit on the box
car kit on the box

Koenigsegg CCXR Key

Koenigsegg is a Swedish manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Naturally, a distinguished vehicle must be equipped with an appropriate key to complete the whole feel. Created especially for the Koenigsegg CCXR, this key fob is unique because of its shape. It looks like a small shield that knights used at war. Being made of platinum with bits of black onyx and 40 carats of diamonds, the key is one of the most expensive on our list. It will cost you nearly $250,000.

Awain Car Keys

Awain is a luxury company from Finland with a passion for creating car keys for the most luxurious cars. Their key fobs are made with, only, premium materials, always jeweled and usually available in three versions (Quantum, Serenity, and Phantom). The company produces its keys in limited quantities to make them even more unique and valuable.
The Quantum line is the most affordable one. The price starts from $55,000 for one with 3.6 carats of diamonds on it and 175 grams of gold. The Serenity line comes with more than 20 carats of diamonds and 175 grams of gold. It will cost approximately $90,000. The Phantom cost nearly $600,000, making it the most expensive car key in the world.
awain car with key
awain car with key

Does Car Insurance Cover Stolen Or Lost Car Keys

When your key costs as much as a whole luxury car, to lose it would be a tragedy. However, is it possible to ensure the car key or key fob? Like all items that are ensured, there are many varying policies from each of the competitive insurance companies out there. For example, some сar insurance policies include the coverage for your car accessories including, if your keys are lost or stolen. Still, make sure to look carefully at the small print if there isn’t an explicit clause the cost of replacing them will be on your shoulders. If you have, for example, homeowners or renters insurance with coverage for your property, it may also cover stolen car keys. However, it is better to ask these questions of your insurance agent, before you make a final choice regarding your car insurance policy.

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