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Car Key Remote And How It Works

Remote keyless access has become a standard feature of every car. One of the side effects of using it every day is that we have come to forget how hard it was to open a car when your hands were full of packages or when it was a real cold winters day.

Though the use of remotes have become the norm we still don’t know much about car key remotes? Or keyless access? So we’re going to explain how exactly your car key remote works and what you need to know to make it last as long as possible. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to provide you with information and answers regarding any Locksmith or Security issues.

What Is Keyless Entry

The keyless entry system consists of two parts. First of all, the key fob you use to lock/unlock your car, start it, etc. This is the part we have control over. A key fob, as we know it today, is a result of long work and consistent improvement. It is designed to be durable and to last as long as possible. Also, there’s a transmitter and a receiver inside the car. If these three work correctly, you can enjoy fast and comfortable access to your vehicle. Let’s look a little deeper and see what exactly happens when you press the button to lock and unlock your car. This way you will come to better understand your system.
Even though everything happens within seconds, the process is quite complicated. Let’s imagine we want to unlock the car. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) starts working when pressing a button on a key fob. Then, it sends a signal that contains a coded command to the radio frequency (RF) transmitter. Now, a receiver in your car gets the signal, extracts the data, and sends it back to the CPU. The last step is the CPU decodes it and sends the appropriate command, and wallah, the door is open.
car key in a man`s hand
Another type of keyless entry system is known as a remote keyless ignition system. Using such a device, you can start a car from a distance just as you open the door. It’s a highly convenient option for time-saving. You can start the car to warm up the engine and the interior of the car as well without having to leave the house and while continuing to get ready.
car key in a man`s hand

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Passive Keyless Entry

Among all the car key types there is another kind of keyless entry. This is known as Passive keyless entry or Smart Keys. If you are an owner of such a key, you don’t even have to press buttons. Just stand within 5 ft of your car, and the door will unlock. Such a system works a little bit differently. When you come close to the vehicle holding the key, it identifies the chip inside, so you can open the car by pulling the handle. Also, you can start an engine without using a key as well. All you need to do is press the button on the dashboard.
Passive keyless entry is the ultimate solution for a driver’s comfort, convenience, and safety. This system provides the best possible protection against stealing. Some cars are also equipped with keyless trunk opening. It’s especially useful if your hands are full. Usually, they have a special sensor on the back bumper, so that all you need to do is shake your feet underneath it and the trunk will open without any effort.

What To Do With A Broken Keyless Entry

Even though the keyless entry system is a highly advanced device, it can break. Actually, keyless entry system breakages aren’t as rare as you would think. Due to constant and careless use, they can break. In such a case, you can go one of two ways. Visit your car dealership or call an automotive locksmith. These two methods are highly effective and reliable. However, the first one will take you longer and will cost more. If you don’t want to overpay and need the issue to be solved on the spot, a local locksmith is your best solution.
opening car with key fob
opening car with key fob

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