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The Advantages of Rekeying the Locks in Your Home

Rekeying Locks is one of the locksmith services that can help you feel much safer in your house. There are a few reasons why you might need it, like when you move to a new house or suspect someone else may have a key to your lock.

This service consists of the technician replacing the pins without changing the appearance of the lock. After replacing the pins, the previous key becomes useless because it will not fit the lock. Rekeying locks has many advantages. For example, this is a more cost-effective option for improving security than replacing the locks completely. Also, during rekeying, you can ask your technician to install a master key system, making your life much easier. As well as that's only some of the benefits. Read more about the other advantages of regular rekeying in our blog post.

When do you need to rekey the locks?

Imagine you have just moved into a new home. You're excited and happy because you've been dreaming about it for a long time, but there's one thing that concerns you – safety. You never know who has access to the original locks, which certainly can make you feel more anxious and unprotected. In cases like that, one of the best solutions is rekeying door locks as soon as you move in. It doesn't take much money or time to complete this process, but you'll be calmer about your safety and the safety of your family.
door lick rekeying
door lick rekeying

Fixes a security breach

If you want to quickly solve a security problem without spending much time choosing and installing a lock, then rekeying house locks is for you. You don't need to purchase an entire lock mechanism for this procedure because the technician only replaces the pins. This work will take 10-15 minutes, significantly saving you time without compromising security.

Customized locks

If you buy locks from a regular hardware store, they are less reliable because they are similar – all off-the-shelf door locks have a standardized locking system. If a homeowner uses such locks, it is easier for a thief to pick them up because they can be done with standard lock picks. If you want to have locks with higher security, it is better to have your lock rekeyed, as professionals will be able to make you a completely customized pin arrangement. This way, your lock will be less vulnerable to picking, and you will feel more secure.

No need for new hardware

If you like the look of your locks, but they're not functional anymore you don't have to replace them completely. Rekeying is the way to keep the lock's appearance but change the inside mechanism. This procedure is simpler than replacing the entire lock, and its advantage is that you don't have to look for a lock that matches your interior design.
By the way, keeping old equipment is very environmentally friendly, as you use fewer resources and therefore have less waste without losing the security level of completely replaced locks. This approach to security does not harm the environment in any way.

Allows for master key option

Are your keys heavy? Are you tired of carrying a separate key for each room? This problem can be solved. If you decide to rekey your locks, ask a locksmith to install a master key system in your home. Then you will have one key to open any lock in your home. It is convenient because you won't need to carry keys for each room and remember which one fits which room.

Ability to change locks frequently

Another advantage of rekeying a lock is that it can be done many times. For example, if you rent out a house or apartment, you can rekey a lock every time the old owners move out. Or, if you own a business, you can rekey the locks whenever you fire employees that have access. This procedure is convenient, doesn't require much time and money, but is important for your safety.


Rekeying is always more cost-effective than a complete lock replacement. In most cases, the work process is all about the technician replacing the old pins with new ones. The pins are not that expensive, and rekeying takes much less time than replacing the entire lock, so this procedure is much cheaper.

Summing up

To summarize, rekeying has many significant advantages. If you've already decided this is a good option for your locks, you need to know who to turn to for help. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to assist! We have been providing locksmith services of any complexity for more than 35 years and are ready to help replace the pins of your lock. Just give us a call!

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