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Is it cheaper to buy new locks or rekey

There are many reasons why your old locks can’t be used anymore. You might need to change your locks if they get worn out and start malfunctioning. Otherwise, they won’t provide your house with decent security. It’s essential to change the locks in case of a break-in as well. After the criminal messed with your lock, it won’t be as secure anymore. Another common reason why people want to change their locks is moving. You never know who has access to the original locks, so it’s better to play it safe.

If your lock is fully broken, you’ll need to replace it. However, in other cases, you might rekey them. So, let’s define which way is better and which is more cost-effective.

When should I rekey the locks

You’re probably wondering what rekeying is. Actually, not many people are familiar with this process. Basically, it is a way of providing your house with a new key without replacing the entire lock body. The technician changes the pins inside the lock cylinder and creates a new key. So, the question is – when might you need this service?
  • If you’re moving into a new house and like how the original locks look, you may rekey them. That way, you will increase your home security without changing the exterior.
  • If your lock is not working properly because of the pins malfunctioning, you might rekey it as well. As we already mentioned, the process of rekeying is all about changing the pins, so it’s definitely suitable to resolve this problem.
  • Another reason why you might need to rekey a lock is if your key got lost or stolen. You never know if someone won’t use it to get inside your house.
old lock
  • Also, if your house is equipped with beautiful antique locks and you don’t want to replace them, rekeying is the best decision.
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Pros and cons of rekeying locks

So, we figured out what rekeying is and why you might need it. Now let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this process.
  • First of all, rekeying is less time-consuming than replacement. The process is much easier, as the technician won’t have to take the entire lock apart.
  • You won’t have to change the appearance of your house when rekeying the lock, as only the inner parts are replaced.
  • Another huge advantage of rekeying is its cost-effectiveness. It’ll not be as expensive as lock replacement, as you won’t need to change as many parts.
rekeying locks
The biggest disadvantage of rekeying is that it doesn’t really improve your security that much. It can fix some minor problems like issues with pins or key loss. However, rekeyed locks won’t enhance your home security.
rekeying locks

When should I change the locks

Probably, all of you understand the process of changing the lock. Basically, you need to purchase a new locking mechanism and replace the old one. However, this task is not as easy as it may seem initially. So, you might need to use professional residential locksmith services. When is it essential to change the locks?
  • If your lock gets broken and it’s not functional anymore, it’s a sign to replace it. We all know that a broken lock is completely useless in terms of security.
  • Another reason to replace your door locks is if you want to upgrade your house exterior.
  • If you want to enhance your home security – lock replacement is one of the best ways. For example, you may equip your house with a qualitative deadbolt. Also, consider replacing your old mechanical lock with a new digital one. These locks are super convenient and they’ll provide your house with a high level of security.

Pros and cons of replacing locks

You’re probably curious about the advantages and disadvantages of a lock replacement.
The biggest advantage of replacing the locks is a significant upgrade in home security. Unlike with rekeying, you can get a completely different lock type. If you have a Grade 3 or Grade 2 lock, you can always replace it with a more secure Grade 1 one. You might get the newest smart lock as well. This type of lock can be fully controlled through an app on your phone.
However, lock replacement is way more complicated than rekeying. It’ll be way more expensive as well because it requires more components. Therefore, consider your budget before replacing the locks.

So, should you replace or rekey the locks

Above, we discussed the reasons why you might need to change your locks. We figured out what is the difference between rekeying and lock replacement and discussed the pros and cons of both processes. So, now you probably want to know what is better to replace the locks or rekey them?
To be honest, it all depends on the purpose of your lock changing and, on the budget, as well. If you want to increase your home security, then replacement is the best option. However, if you move into a new house and just want to change the lock without spending too much money, rekeying is the best solution. So, it’s completely up to you which way to choose.

Summing up

There are many reasons why you might need to change your locks. It might be quite hard to decide whether to replace them completely or rekey them. If you want to enhance the security or change the appearance, it’s better to replace the locks. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option to change the locks, rekeying will be perfect. No matter which one you choose, Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide you with any locksmith services.

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