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Should you change locks after moving

Moving houses is a chaotic and laborious process. However, feeling safe and protected in your new home is something we all want. The first step in providing this may be rekeying or changing old locks. You never know if previous owners, their friends, or other unknown people don't have a copy of your new key. So, leaving old locks, you're risking dealing with unwanted visitors. A professional locksmith may be a wise solution to a problem of that type. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to assist you in getting the job done securely and quickly while you make your new home cozy and comfortable.

Please, read ahead to learn more about the security of your new place.

Rekeying or changing your locks

You have two options to make your new home safer after moving – rekey your locks or replace them completely. Most people choose to rekey the locks as it is a more affordable, easier, and cheaper way. It also allows you to get a single key for all your locks.
Changing locks involves installing a completely new mechanism. It's usually more expensive than the previous option. It generally makes sense if your old locks are in bad condition or you don't feel safe or comfortable in your new apartment.
Rekey or replace? The decision is ultimately up to you!
changing lock
changing lock

When should you rekey your locks?

Rekeying locks might be the best decision if you move into a new place. It's a wise way to ensure only you have access to your new home. What does rekeying mean? It's about changing the key without replacing the entire lock body. The locksmith rearranges the pins inside your lock and as a result, your old key won't longer be able to operate it.
Besides moving, there are some other reasons for rekeying:
  • Your existing keys were misplaced or stolen.
  • You wish to get a master key. It means you'll be able to open all your locks using a single key.
  • You want to restrict access for someone to your home.
  • You feel unsafe at your place.

When should you change your locks

Replacing a lock is quite different from rekeying. It means changing the whole existing lockset to a new one.
The most recurrent situations requiring the locks to be changed are:
  • You have purchased a new house.
  • You have experienced a break-in or burglary.
  • When a renter or tenant has moved out.
  • When the lock has been damaged or got worn out.
  • You want to install more secure state-of-art locks.
Installing new locks may be a great start to your well-being at a new house.

How do you change locks on a new home

You have two ways to change your door locks – DIY or call a professional locksmith.
The first one will save you money. The only price for this may be your time and safety. The installation process is not the easiest task and when not performed correctly, it may put your safety at risk.
It might be challenging to replace a lock without the right tools and skills. That's why Sure Lock & Key would recommend you entrust this to professionals. It's the only way to make sure your locks are changed correctly.
changing lock by your self
changing lock by your self

Summing Up

Your comfort and safety are the top priorities when moving into a new place. You may start with rekeying or changing door locks to meet these needs. It isn't the easiest process and you might need professional assistance. Therefore, Sure Lock & Key is always ready to come to your rescue! Feel free to call us and have all your locksmith questions answered!

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