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Restoring your Home Security after a break in

Unfortunately, there’s always a possibility our home might become a target for a thief. That especially applies to those buildings that have a weak level of security and are not equipped with either security systems or trivially good lighting. However, we can always take steps to make our homes burglar-proof. For this, it is necessary to ensure that all entrances are well-lighted and that all doors and windows are securely protected. However, what to do if a break-in did happen? The article will help you avoid getting confused and making mistakes that might later become an obstacle to the investigation. The text is also intended to help you choose effective security measures to make your home safer and prevent this from happening again.

What do you do if your house has been broken into

Sometimes it’s really easy to understand that your house was broken into. For example, broken door handles or locks, broken glass near the window, and scattered things in the house are sure signs something went wrong. It is quite clear that when someone sees that, they will be confused and might start panicking. However, it would be much better to stay as calm as possible. Otherwise, you might make mistakes, which will later complicate the search for criminals. So try to calm down and do the following:
  • Call the police. The first thing you need to do is contact the police. We advise you to go to a safer place, like your car or a neighbor's house, and from there, call 911. We do not recommend that you stay in your home, as the burglar might still be there.
  • If it’s obvious that your unwanted guest has left, make a photo report. Inspect your own home and take photos of all the destroyed items. That way, you will have more evidence.
  • Make a list of all the missing items. After the cops arrive, you will need to provide evidence, talk about possible witnesses and provide a list of items that might have been stolen. Subsequently, the police will give you a case number, by which you can find out about the progress of your case.
  • Contact a locksmith service. After you have provided the police with all the necessary information, we recommend calling a locksmith. However, if the property is beyond repair and replacing the doors and windows is not an option, then a locksmith can assist you in taking certain steps to protect your home. We also recommend that you consult with an expert and learn more about improving security in the house to prevent repeat burglaries.
door break in
  • To ensure that nothing like that will happen again, you might go for a security audit. A trained expert will check your house, examine every corner and every possible entry point and provide you with the best security strategy for your case.
  • Call your insurance company. That is how you can file a claim with your insurer for burglary and theft. That is where you might need the photo evidence that you took earlier. After all, the larger the account, the greater the probability that the insurance company will compensate you for your losses. It is worth remembering that insurance services often introduce time limits for submitting applications.
  • Contact your bank. Even if you don't know what things the thief has stolen, you should still consider taking out insurance. In case of any suspicious activity related to your card, bank employees will be notified that your house has been robbed and be able to block it and prevent money theft.
door break in

How can I protect my home from a break-in

One of the most important steps you can take is to make your home more secure after a break-in. That will prevent theft in the future and make your in-house security more advanced. After all, the robber may decide to return to your home again if it was easily accessible the first time. That is why we advise you to consult with the experts of the locksmith company and choose the security measures that will be effective in your case. Here we have collected the main means of how you can protect your house from a second break-in.
  • Secure your doors. Since most of the thieves still enter the house through the door, it is worth thinking about how to make them protected. First, check all locks and ensure all windows and doors are securely fitted. Pay attention to the mail slot if it is located on your front door. Check how safe it is and whether it is possible to unlock the door through it. You may also install a deadbolt or strike plate for additional door protection. Or you may also like to install a smart lock or a video doorbell to create a security house door of a new level.
  • Lock the windows. Windows are another popular way to see into your home without much effort. In general, standard window latches usually do not provide the necessary protection and are easily broken. Therefore, if you want to make your home more secure, we advise you to go for some additional security measures. And here, the choice can be made in favor of simpler or more complex systems. Yes, if you are counting on cheaper ways to protect your windows, you can install additional shutters and grills or strengthen the glass with a protective film. If you choose automated security systems, we advise you to choose sensors for opening windows or breaking glass.
burglar tries to break in
  • Light up your area. It is a well-known fact that criminals are more attracted to unlit houses than well-lit ones. In this way, burglars can make their way unnoticed to the entrance to your home. To prevent this, we recommend installing lighting at all entrances to the house, which can be used from the edge. In order to make the lighting more effective, you can install a lighting system that gets activated by movement.
  • Install CCTV cameras. Another effective way to protect your home from burglary is installing video surveillance cameras. After all, on the one hand, if the robber sees the camera, there is a high probability that it will scare him away. And on the other hand, even if the thief still wants to get into your house, you will have all the evidence to expose the crime and compensate for the stolen goods. You may install surveillance cameras as a stand-alone device or as part of your home security system. Whatever you choose, you can connect surveillance cameras to your phone and monitor the situation in your house or yard even remotely. Here we have collected some tips on where to place outdoor security cameras.
burglar tries to break in

Summing up

Using these simple tips, you can get out of the situation when your home has been robbed without any problems. So you can stop thieves from returning and do everything possible to find the culprits and return your things. If you need assistance protecting your house after a hack – Sure Lock & Key is always happy to provide you with professional security locksmith services! Therefore, we will gladly protect your home after a break-in and do everything to prevent it from happening again.

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