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How To Get Skeleton Key Replacement

Today, a skeleton key is more a symbol of popular culture than an actual key. It symbolizes “access to” something like home, or we can find it as the key to one’s heart, etc. However, vintage lovers may continue to use these locks despite everything and we can understand why. Skeleton keys have a unique vibe, making the house interior interesting and sophisticated.

The number of locksmiths who work with these keys is low because the number of people who still have them is low and the number of skeleton keys that still operate is even lower. That’s why it might be hard to find information about the proper maintenance and services regarding Skeleton Keys. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to answer all of your locksmith-related questions. Think of us as your own Locksmith handbook! We invite you to read on and discover a lot of the answers you have been curious about regarding Skeleton Keys.

What Is A Skeleton Key

A skeleton key is a type of master key which has serrated edges removed. You may also know it as a passkey. So, this key can open almost any lock in one house. Many buildings in historical districts still have locks that require skeleton keys. Today, skeleton keys are mainly used to open locks on furniture because the level of security they can guarantee isn’t enough for a front door. The name comes from the shape of the keys themselves. They consist of three parts: the bow, the barrel and the bit, and often weigh more than most other keys.
If you think that all skeleton keys are the same, they aren't. Even though they are “master keys,” they all are different. The diameter of the key’s barrel, the size, and the cut of its bit, determine whether it will fit with the lock. Antique skeleton keys are also known for their intricate details and the quality of workmanship.
skeleton key in a hand
skeleton key in a hand

Can A Locksmith Replace A Skeleton Key

Skeleton keys were widely used in the past. Antique skeleton keys are highly collectible, with prices varying based on their age, scarcity, decorations, weight and size. Many antique owners adore skeleton keys even today. These keys maintain the charm of your home and are a beautiful and elegant connection to the past. That’s why losing one can be painful. Moreover, being manufactured long ago and used for decades, a skeleton key can break.
A skeleton key replacement is not only about making a key that will work. It’s also about restoration and saving the original key’s look. That’s why some people may just throw away the remains of a broken key because they don’t want to fuss. However, with the right locksmith there is no fuss.
A door or furniture piece equipped with a vintage lock may have huge sentimental value. Do not be deterred by the seeming complexity because if you really need a skeleton key replacement, by hiring a professionally trained and experienced locksmith, you will be able, in the vast majority of cases, be successful in your plight. Sure Lock & Key’s highly trained and licensed technicians have the appropriate knowledge and tools to make it for you without damaging the furniture or door.

Price For Skeleton Key Replacement

Prices in the locksmith industry have always been a challenging question. They might differ for cases that look similar at first sight. Some detail you thought was insignificant may turn out to be highly important. With a skeleton key, everything might be even more complicated yet sometimes not. Let’s take a look.
You may be interested in knowing the skeleton key replacement cost?” However, two things must be considered. First of all, only after being reviewed by a professional locksmith can an exact answer be given. The other element that must be considered is its functionality and its appearance . That’s why the price may also depend on:
Old skeleton keys are pretty rare, and servicing them may be challenging. That’s why not all locksmiths work with these keys, and not everyone can help with a replacement. However, if you deeply care about your home interior or simply need this key to get inside a room or cabinet, you can get professional assistance and have the problem resolved but be aware it might take a bit more time than a regular key replacement. In the end the bothering and waiting will be worth it.
  • Age of your key
  • Decoration on the key
  • Where this key was used
  • The type of metal
old skeleton keys
old skeleton keys

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Summing Up

Once the gold standard of keys, skeleton keys are mainly an exotic curiosity today. People slowly give up on them, choosing more convenient and secure locks. However, they keep their status as furniture locks and interior accessories. Replacing an antique furniture lock with a modern one without losing the whole antique flavor, might be quite a challenge. That’s why skeleton key replacement remains a relevant service, even though pretty rare.

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