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Quick ways to open a lock box without a key

In recent years lock boxes have become a popular choice for personal and business use to store valuable items and maintain easy access when needed.

Their sturdy steel construction, often around 12 gauge, with various locking mechanisms like combination or key-based access, ensures reliable protection from external damage, intruders, and other potential hazards.

Despite its efficiency, nothing is more frustrating than being locked out of your lockbox through a forgotten combination or a misplaced key. Unfortunately, these situations are pretty common, causing much stress and anxiety.

Sure Lock & Key has gathered five effective solutions to restore access to your lock box easily.

Dive into this informative article for step-by-step instructions to navigate the process smoothly and confidently.

Yet, these methods should only be used for legitimate purposes when you own the lock box. Engaging in illegal activities is strictly prohibited and could lead to serious consequences.


Bypassing is one of the most efficient methods to open a lock box without an original key.
It involves manipulating the entire mechanism with a special tool, imitating the action of a real key. Usually, the required instrument is much thinner and longer than a regular key to reach the hidden parts of the lock through the keyway.
While the bypassing technique varies depending on the specific lock box design, the main principle remains consistent — engaging the right components within the lock to access your valuable items.
Even though this method might seem complicated, requiring specific knowledge, it's pretty easy to use.
Still, if you have any doubts, it's wise to seek professional assistance for an excellent outcome and a hassle-free experience.


Shimming is another reliable solution when facing an unpredictable lockout. This method is commonly applied to padlock-style lock boxes, where shimming tools can access the shackle.
Shimming involves inserting slim pieces of metal into the hole between the lock's shackle and body, easily manipulating the entire mechanism. You can restore access to valuable items in minutes by carefully positioning the shim and applying gentle pressure.
While shimming is an effective solution for certain lock boxes, not all locks are vulnerable to this technique. Some cutting-edge options may resist shimming, making bypassing the lock's security more challenging.
Furthermore, this lock-picking approach requires much precision and finesse.

Lock picking

Lock picking is the following approach for opening a lock box without an original key.
While using a special tool may extremely simplify the process, purchasing it isn't mandatory.
The main principle of this method stands for manipulating the lock's components, like pins or tumblers, to align them in a specific way.
Unlike the above techniques, lock picking requires much precision, patience, and a deep understanding of how locks work.
However, it may be an effective solution for any lockout situation in the right hands.


Unlike previous methods, drilling involves damaging the lock mechanism to overcome its security features.
Even though it's one of the most efficient ways to gain immediate access to a lock box, it's typically considered a last resort when all other lock-picking techniques are ineffective.
A power drill equipped with a drill bit is essential to execute this method.
The drill bit is carefully inserted into a locks vulnerable part of the mechanism to create a hole or remove certain components.
That's why despite its efficiency, drilling requires a special tool for operation and destroys the locking mechanism.


Cutting is another extreme yet efficient method of immediately accessing a lock box without a key.
This approach involves physically slitting through a lock with special tools like cutters or angle grinders. These instruments are powerful enough to sever the lock's shackle or cut through its body and open a lock box.
While cutting may provide quick access in emergencies, or when other methods fail, it's a destructive technique, damaging the overall locking mechanism.
Lastly, cutting requires utmost care and consideration, so relying on experts may be the wisest decision to avoid potential injuries and further damage.

Summing Up

The knowledge of unlocking a lock box without a key may be extremely efficient when forgetting a combination or misplacing a key.
From bypassing to cutting, these techniques seem thrilling, but understanding the gravity of each is crucial.
While bypassing and lock-picking are gentle ways to access your property, cutting or drilling leave locks completely damaged and inoperable.
In order to ensure a reliable outcome and a smooth process, it's advisable to seek professional assistance. Looking for expert advice at the moment? Sure Lock & Key is a call away from delivering the quality services you deserve.

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