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Top 5 locksmith tools every professional should have

Professional locksmiths use so many different tools for their work. For a person who does not have professional knowledge and skills, any of these tools might seem like a complicated mechanism. Also, quite often, people mistake one tool for another, as they all seem similar to them. However, different locksmith tools are needed for different needs. If a locksmith wants to get a broken key out of a lock, they will use a key extractor. If a problem is with a locked car lock, a Slim Jim set may be handy for an automotive locksmith. Or sometimes, the lock needs to be drilled out, and then the technician will use a drilling machine. Below, we've reviewed several tools that technicians use in different circumstances. Keep reading to learn more about them and their differences.

Bench tools

One of the most popular professional locksmith tools is pliers. They are used to bend or manipulate parts of the lock. There are different types of pliers used by technicians for various purposes – snap ring, circlip, and auto lock cap pliers.
Another important type of tool that every locksmith uses is a hand-held puncher. They create holes and stamps for marking keys and lock cylinders.

Lock picks and lock pick gun

It may sound weird to you, but sometimes technicians need not only to repair a lock but also to break it. For this purpose, locksmith picking tools come in handy. They are undoubtedly in the toolkit of every professional locksmith. Usually, this type of tool is purchased in a set containing different lockpicks, including car lockpicks, lockpicks for safes, and different types of door locks. There are also tubular lockpicks and jiggers. The latter has the shape of real keys that need to be inserted into the lock hole and jiggled inside until the lock opens.
Lock pick gun is another tool that every locksmith needs. It is used to dislodge lock pins by force. They are available in manual and electronic versions. They will help you resolve lock problems quickly and efficiently when used correctly.
locksmith make a lock picking
locksmith make a lock picking

Car opening tools

Other types of tools are intended for the work of automotive locksmiths. Let's take a closer look at a few locksmith tools for cars:
  • Slim Jim set - needed to unlock the car safely.
  • Auto shutter toolset - allows you to open the dust covers of car locks.
  • Auto jiggers - allows you to easily and quickly unlock a car lock.
With their help, a professional can easily and quickly provide a full range of >a href="/automotive-locksmith-services/">automotive locksmith services.

Key extractor

Key extractors are necessary to remove a broken key from a lock. They come in various shapes and sizes and are used to push the parts away from the lock pins and allow for easy key retrieval. They are usually small, making it easy and quick to do this job.

Summing Up

A professional licensed technician will assist you in resolving any locksmith problem with the help of the specialized tools we described above. If you are worried about the quality or availability of the right tools, feel free to contact us. Sure Lock & Key technicians will always come to you with high-quality tools to solve your locksmith problem quickly and efficiently.

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