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How Can I Open A Safe Without A Combination

Safes are designed to keep your assets out of reach and if you prefer, out of sight. At Sure Lock & Key, we specialize in safe repair, installation, and, of course, opening, in situations where you can’t open it yourself. There are some helpful hints that you should know with regard to opening a safe when you don’t have the combination… Keep reading!

When Do People Need To Get A Safe Combination Retrieved

Keep reading and we will reveal a number of industry secrets that could be potentially very useful sometime in the future. Some of these tricks of the trade are needed rarely while others may be needed quite often. So it may be crucial to know what to do. Also, it’s helpful to know these scenarios so you will be less vulnerable in falling into one of them. First of all, one can simply forget the safe combination. It happens pretty often, especially with people who rarely use their safe. Sometimes people buy houses without knowing that there’s a safe somewhere. It can be installed in some hard-to-spot place, so when they finally find it, there’s no one to ask for the combination. So why not try and open it yourself?
We are happy to share with you a list of several ways to get into a safe if you don’t have a combination.
combination lock of safe
combination lock of safe

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I Don’t Have A Combination, But The Safe Is Open

Usually, such a situation happens when people move into a new house or office and suddenly discover that they are proud owners of a safe they never asked for. Some previous owner, not wanting to take the time or take on the expense, leaves the safe for you. Now you have an open safe in your possession. What to do? Well, if you want to use it for yourself all you need to do is set a new combination. The same thing can be the result in other situations like where you realize that you can’t remember the safe combination before locking your safe. That happens more often than you would think. In all these situations if your safe isn’t installed inside the floor or wall, bring it to us, and we will change the combination. If you can’t do that, no worries. We will provide you with professional safe locksmith services. However, if you’re determined to save the money, you can even attempt removing the door yourself and bringing it to us. However, keep in mind that you will have to install it back, which is not so simple.

Can I Retrieve My Safe Combination

There are some reliable methods to get the lost safe combination, but you will need professional help at some stage.
You can retrieve the original combination through a professional and licensed locksmith who has access to specialized sources of information. Usually, manufacturers don’t share this data over the phone due to security measures. Besides, if your safe was manufactured in China, there won’t be much success trying to get the information yourself and this method isn’t for you if your combination has been changed at least once.
Safes with electronic locks sometimes have master override codes. You need to provide a locksmith with a safe serial number to get this information retrieved. If successful, by using the code, you can reset the current combination. If everything goes successfully, you will open the safe using a default combination.
change combination of safe lock
change combination of safe lock

Emergency DIY Safe Lockout

You can always open your safe without professional help at least once. We’re speaking about drilling the lock open. You can consider extreme measures if you have an old and cheap safe that keeps failing. You will need a new safe in the end, but sometimes it’s the best option. This is a quick and cheap method, and locksmiths often apply it. But when does a safe quit being cheap and start to be expensive? Safe manufacturers and sellers consider all the safes that cost less than $400 cheap. However, you’re the one who decides whether your safe is cheap or not.

Can I Open A Safe Using A Stethoscope

You can do such a thing but only in the movies. Typically, safes (even very cheap ones) have security measures that make them resistant. The only methods that work are either having a safe combination, a key, or by drilling to open it.
safe lock with key
safe lock with key

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