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Pros and cons of smart car keys

Are you looking for a wise alternative to traditional car keys? Would you like to make your vehicle more secure and modernized? A keyless start system may be an intelligent solution! Smart keys are becoming more and more popular because of their safety and convenience. They also may save you money in the long run. Just like any other technology, smart keys have some advantages and disadvantages. Today Sure Lock & Key gathered them to give you space to make a thoughtful decision.

Please, keep reading to learn more.

What is a smart key for a car

In the last few years auto key systems have become more complex and modernized to provide security and comfort. As a result, nowadays, we have electronic car keys. They're electronic devices that operate a vehicle system using infrared lights with the help of automatic remote control. Smart keys allow the drivers to open, lock or start the car through a discrete, encrypted signal transmitted through a key fob. However, there is a wide range of different modernized car keys and each of them has its operation principle.
smart car key
Traditional car keys days are slowly coming to an end. Eventually, you'll think of installing a smart keyless system. That's why learning its pros and cons may be a wise first step.
smart car key

Advantages of smart car keys

Car smart keys include various benefits, becoming more functional than traditional ones. Some of them are described below.
  • Smart keys make opening, closing, or starting the vehicle much easier.
  • You may forget about carrying a bundle of keys everywhere with you. Now to start a car, you need only a key fob.
  • It's also about a high-security level. This system needs a unique code to unlock the vehicle, making it harder to steal. Someone else's smart key cannot unlock your car, either.
  • Using modern auto keys, you're getting less stress. After packing and leaving your car, its door will automatically lock itself. Also, you can control the car from a certain distance.
smart key and smartphone on a table
  • No more locked keys in your car problems! Due to a special mechanism, you won't be able to leave your vehicle with the key locked inside.
smart key and smartphone on a table

Disadvantages of smart car keys

Despite all advantages, no technology is fully reliable and perfect. Let's discuss the cons of a smart key car.
  • A high price. The smart keys cost both for buying and replacing may be quite high.
  • This key type needs batteries. Some are easy to find and change, and some may cause you difficulties.
  • This system is more delicate than the traditional one, which can easily get damaged.
  • Turning off the car needs more attention. You might forget to turn off your vehicle, which could release dangerous fumes into the auto. If your car doesn't have safety measures, it will keep running out until the gas finishes.

Summing up

So, if you're choosing a keyless car system to modernize and secure your vehicle, weighting the pros and cons would be wise. Sure Lock & Key gathered the most common of them in this article to make your choice easier.
We hope you find our little guide useful. However, if you have any locksmith questions, please, don't hesitate to call!

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