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What does an immobilizer do

All car owners would like to provide their cars with permanent protection. However, until 1992, it was much more difficult to secure your car against theft than it is now. All because the immobilizer was invented only that year. This electronic device prevents the car engine from starting when the wrong key or key fob is used. You can also not worry that your car can be stolen by starting the engine by bypassing the ignition system. Therefore, since the mandatory use of immobilizers, the number of car thefts has decreased significantly. If you're still wondering if your car has an immobilizer, then you may not because the presence of an immobilizer is a rule for all car manufacturers. In addition, immobilizers that were installed at the factory where the car was manufactured are considered the most reliable type. All because they were installed correctly and fit your car model.

How does an immobilizer work

If you are still wondering what an immobilizer is, then in general, the principle of operation of the immobilizer is quite simple. Thus, immobilizers accept the code transmitted by transponder chips that are installed in key fobs and smart car keys. Thus, when you want to start the car and insert a key fob or key into the ignition, the code is transmitted from the transponder chip to the engine immobilizer, and only if the code is correct, the car will start. In addition, modern car manufacturers have introduced a two-level security system, which includes fixed and variable codes for starting the car. At the same time, the immobilizer first checks the fixed code and then reads the variable code and compares it with those stored in the database. Only if both codes match, you can start the car. You can also learn about the privileges of car key fobs in our article in the blog.
If the wrong code is used to ignite the car, then the car immobilizer displays a sound signal. Also, certain modern car systems transmit information about a possible car theft attempt to the security service. This way, the security company can contact the user and check whether they really tried to steal the car.

Is an immobilizer worth it

If you are still hesitating about whether to install an immobilizer on your car, then read on. Despite the fact that the car immobilizer, like any other security device, cannot provide complete protection against all dangers, it is one of those devices that can significantly increase the level of safety regarding your car. Even just the presence of an immobilizer will make it difficult for a thief to try to make a theft, and in combination with other security devices, he will in the vast majority of scenarios decide it to be too difficult to steal a car.
Control keys on car key
Control keys on car key

How safe are immobilizers

As already mentioned above, a car immobilizer can make the safety of your car much higher. However, like other means of protection, the immobilizer cannot guarantee that the thief will not try to steal the car. But you can make a theft attempt much less likely and more difficult. Therefore, installing an immobilizer is a very reasonable investment in ensuring the safety of your car. While installing other security devices will enhance your security, with an immobilizer you can be sure that your car is safe.

Should I get a car immobilizer fitted

Although installing an immobilizer is mandatory for all car manufacturers, if you have a car manufactured before 1998 or you need to replace the immobilizer, then it is definitely a recommended measure. Despite the fact that the immobilizer, which is installed when the car is assembled, is considered the best option, you can still find good offers among the proposed immobilizers on the market. But take into account that the immobilizer must be suitable for your car's model.

How To Check If Your Car Has an Immobilizer

If you are still determining whether your car is equipped with an immobilizer, then we have several ways you can check it. First, you can find out if your car has an immobilizer by looking for information about it in your car handbook. On the other hand, you can always clarify this with the representatives of the car dealership where you bought your car. However, this issue is more complicated if you do not buy a new car. After all, the previous car owner could replace or remove the immobilizer. Therefore, you can always turn to a professional mechanic who will be able to help you find out if your car has an immobilizer installed.
key fob in wallet
key fob in wallet

Summing up

Immobilizers can definitely improve your car's security and be even more effective in complexity with other safety measures. That's why if you are still considering whether it is reasonable to install an immobilizer, we could say that this device is worth your attention. And if you are looking for a professional locksmith company that can provide you with the perfect immobilizer installation, then Sure Lock & Key is the best choice. We offer a full range of automotive locksmith services and have more than thirty years of experience. So give us a call, and we would be glad to assist you with any locksmith issue!

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