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All about master key systems

Are you a CEO of a large IT company and are thinking about what kind of key system to install in your office? Or are you an employee of the company and want to offer your boss a comfortable and convenient solution to the problem with keys? Then you may want to learn more about what a master key system is. This system will allow you to no longer worry about dozens of keys for different rooms. With this system, each employee will have one key that will open any door they're granted access to. It's very convenient. So, to learn about all the benefits of the master key system, keep reading.

What is a master key system

The master key system is a mechanical locking system widely used for commercial purposes. With its help, one key can unlock one or more locks. It is incredibly convenient because the building manager can grant or restrict access to individual rooms. So, where a master key system is used the most often? Usually, this system is convenient for business owners, directors, and managers. It provides a high level of security and allows you to control access to individual rooms. For example, a director has a master key that unlocks all office spaces. Other employees might have a key that unlocks the front door and the door of their department. The cleaning lady might have a key that unlocks all rooms but does not allow her to open safes and cabinets. Such a smart system is cost-effective, very convenient, and reliable.

Master key levels

Most master keys can have from two to five access levels. Let's take a look at the most common ones:
  • Great Grand Master Key - this is the highest access level of the key system. This key is usually used when you need to access several different objects. It is best to have this access for only one or two people in your company. It will provide an increased level of security.
  • Grand Master Key is the next level of access. It has more features than a standard master key. However, such a key should also be made only for a few people – for example, deputy chief executives or other authorized persons.
  • Master Key - the owner of this type of key can open all locks “under it.” In other words, it can be managers of individual facilities with access to all premises inside their facility.
Great Grand Master Keys
  • User Key – this is a regular key that every company employee has. Usually, such keys open only one entrance door.
Great Grand Master Keys

Advantages of master key systems

There are many advantages to using a master key system. Here are some of them:
  • Increased security. Since the master key system allows you to provide different levels of access to different employees, it significantly increases the security of the office space.
  • Convenience and ease of access. Without any doubt, carrying one key instead of a whole bundle is very convenient.
  • Higher level of control. This type of key system significantly increases the level of control because such keys cannot be duplicated anywhere except at the manufacturer of the master key system. Also, tracking who has access to which premises is easier, and it is easier to identify those involved in a break-in or theft.

What you should pay attention to when switching to a master key system

The transition to this type of key system is quite complex and therefore requires some preparation. What nuances should you pay attention to?
  • Key Restrictions. Such keys can be of limited or open profile. Here we mean both the uniqueness of the key and access to it. It's best to make keys with a limited profile – this will add another layer of security.
  • Holders Of the Master Key. It is important to consider who will own the master key. Clearly define the number of them in your system and the level of access to each.
  • Key Identification. It is necessary to keep track of the keys compatible with individual locks. Setting up a color-coding system to identify each key level is best.
Grand Master Keys on table
Therefore, when you're dealing with a master key system installation, it is better to rely on professional commercial services.
Grand Master Keys on table

Summing Up

The advantages of this type of key system are obvious. If you are a business owner and want to ensure that you and your employees have a comfortable and safe stay at the workplace, you should consider installing a master key system. However, if you need to know who to contact for advice on installing it, please write down our number. Sure Lock & Key has provided a full range of security and locksmith services for about 35 years. We will gladly help you choose and install any master key system.

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