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Is biometric lock safe

Unfortunately, burglaries and break-ins are extremely common today, so it's important to provide your building with all the necessary security measures. There are so many different security devices out on the market you can choose from. However, the first thing we recommend you take care of is the lock for the entry point. There are so many lock types available, both mechanical and electronic. So, which one to choose? Which one will provide your property with a higher level of protection?

To be honest, there are great options for both traditional mechanical and new electronic locks. It's more a matter of preference which one to choose for your property. Today, we want to discuss one of the newest lock types –a biometric lock. Let's define its features and help you decide whether it's suitable for your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a biometric lock

We defined that a biometric door lock is one of the newest inventions in the security industry. So, what exactly a biometric lock is and what can it offer you?
This type of lock is electronic which means that it doesn't require a key to be operated. As you can guess from the name, this lock gets activated with some kind of biometrics. Usually, it has a scanner that is used for biometric identification. It is used to recognize your fingerprint, your iris or your face, depending on the type of lock you choose. These locks can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. However, they're more popular among business owners, as they allow them to fully control who enters their building and when. Also, they can use these locks to grant access to some people and restrict it to others.
biometric lock in office
biometric lock in office

How do biometric door locks work

Now, you probably want to know how these locks work. As these locks provide keyless entry, you won't need any keys or tumblers to unlock the door.
So, basically, as we already mentioned, this type of lock requires some kind of biometrics to open. It can be either a fingerprint, your voice, an iris scan or a face scan. You add information about one of those in the system of your lock. Then you use a scanner for identification. When the correct biometrics is identified, the locking mechanism gets activated and you can open the door.
door lock with finger touch
For your biometric door locks to work properly, it's essential to maintain them well. First of all, check whether the batteries are charged. Clean the surface but avoid any liquid getting inside your lock. If you see any signs of malfunctioning, it's better to use professional emergency locksmith services to resolve the problem as fast as possible.
door lock with finger touch

Pros and cons of biometric door locks

So, we already defined what a biometric lock is and figured out how it works. Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages this type of lock has.
The main advantage of a biometric door lock is the high level of security it provides. First of all, because it's a keyless lock, there's no need to worry about lost keys or lockpicking. It allows you to track who enters your property and when, so it'll help you avoid any unwanted visitors. Also, this type of lock is way more convenient and easier to use than any other electronic or mechanical lock. You don't have to worry about keys or combinations.
However, just like any other technology, a biometric lock has some disadvantages as well. This type of lock is vulnerable to water damage. Also, it depends on power, so in case of an outage, you may find yourself locked out. Plus, there might be a problem with scanning in case you get your finger wounded. So, to avoid that, it's better to add a few fingerprints to the system.

Types of biometric door locks

There are various types of biometric locks to choose from, so let's discuss some of them.
  • The most common type is a biometric lock with a fingerprint scanner. So, if your fingerprint is in the system, the door will unlock when you place your finger on the scanner.
  • The second type is a lock equipped with an iris scanner. Just like with fingerprints all people have unique irises, so they can be used for identification. The working principle is pretty much the same. You have to get close to the scanner and voila the door is open.
  • Another type that is not as common is a voice recognition device. If it recognizes the pitch of your voice the door will get unlocked.
  • The last type is a lock with facial recognition. This technology is widely used for smartphones and now for locks as well.
biometric door lock with card
biometric door lock with card

Summing up

So, we can all agree that security is extremely important today. One of the best ways to provide your property with a high level of protection is a qualitative lock. More and more people today choose the newest electronic locks with biometric identification. They're extremely convenient and easy to use. We hope our little guide on that lock type was helpful. If you still have any questions or need any locksmith services, don't hesitate to contact Sure Lock & Key. We'll gladly help you.

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