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How To Unlock Antique Safe

A vintage safe may be a great addition to your home interior and keep your valuables safe simultaneously. So even old safes can boast a reliable level of protection due to the strong and high-quality materials they are made of. However, sometimes antique safes can cause some inconveniences, such as locking mechanism problems. After all, given the age of the safe, some locks may fail and not work. Or imagine the situation when you moved into a new house and found out there is an antique safe, but there is no key, then what to do in this case and how to not damage the safe and the locking mechanism? Except for calling for safe services, you may try to resolve the issue yourself. In this article, we have considered the most efficient ways to unlock the antique safe.

How to open an old safe

There are a few ways you can open an antique safe. It is worth adding that most of them require a lot of effort and time. However, if opening an old safe is necessary, we have listed the most effective methods below.
  • Combination selection. If you do not want to damage your antique safe and lock mechanism, then the best option is to select the necessary combination for opening. Yes, this process takes time and a lot of patience, but this way, your safe will not be damaged. There are other methods to open a combination safe you may try if you’re determined to get inside no matter what.
  • Cutting the safe. This method of opening the safe, as the name implies, requires cutting out one of the walls of the safe or part of it. Opening the safe in this way is not very easy, so it is recommended to call a professional locksmith. A technician will have all the necessary equipment and will know what exactly needs to be cut.
  • Drilling the safe. People often use this method to open a safe on their own, but it’s advisable to use professional assistance. Thus, with the help of a drill, the technician will be able to make a hole in the safe's wall and open it. Although it may seem quite simple at first, this method requires a lot of effort because old safes are made of high-quality and durable materials.
antique vault
antique vault

Are old safes worth money

If you are the owner of an antique safe and are still hesitating about whether it is worth the money, here are several aspects to consider. First, you should pay attention to the appearance of your safe because a safe in good condition will cost much more. It is also important whether the locking mechanism works because buyers can use the safe not only for decoration but also for storing valuables. No less important aspect is the age of the safe and the brand. The most common brands of antique safes are Mosler, Yale, Diebold and Hamilton. So, for example, a vintage Diebold safe can be worth a lot, depending on its age and size.
old safe with combination
old safe with combination

How do I know if my old safe is safe

The decision of whether or not to use an antique safe as a means of security is up to you. Yes, of course, old safes cannot boast of the modern locking mechanisms, which are considered the most secure. However, these safes are made of strong materials that are difficult to damage. To determine whether an old safe can be used for storing valuables, it is worth evaluating the safe’s appearance and the locking mechanism. If the lock is not working, you may always turn to a professional locksmith who can choose and install a new lock. So, for example, a vintage protectall safe can be a great way to store valuables if you install a new safe’s lock. A locksmith will also be able to renew the paint on your safe and make it look more attractive. If you are still not sure about the security of an antique safe, then you can make it hidden to increase the protection level. So if you are the owner of a vintage wall safe, you may put a picture or a cabinet in front of it to hide it from strangers’ eyes.

Are old safes better

It would be better to add that, in general, almost nothing has changed in the manufacture of safes. Just like new safes, old safes are the same device with thick walls made of steel or other material. The main difference is that only locks installed on new safes were modernized. Therefore, if you have a vintage sentry safe model and want to make it more secure, then you can install a new lock and use it.

Summing up

Regardless of which safe you choose, you can always count on the professional assistance of a locksmith! We at Sure Lock & Key provide the full range of safe locksmith services and will be happy to help you! So call us and get the best service!

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