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How to open a safe without a key or code

Today a lot of people use safes to secure their valuables. There are so many types of safes that come in different shapes and sizes. They are used for different purposes, both personal and commercial. You can choose different types of locks for them. It can be a lock that requires a key to open it or one with a combination. One thing they have in common is that it may be pretty easy to lose access to them. There’s always a possibility of losing your key or forgetting the combination. These situations may be really stressful. However, what to do if something like this happens? How to open the safe without keys or code? Sure Lock & Key knows how to deal with issues like that. We will gladly help you with any safe locksmith issues. So, for more details, keep reading!

Types of safes

Today there is a wide range of safes on the market. So, you might be wondering which type of safe is better? First, you need to determine the purpose of your safe. For example, if you need a home safe for jewelry, you may choose a built-in safe of medium size. Jewelry safes can protect your valuables not only from thieves but also from natural elements like water or fire.
If you need a lot of storage space for your goods, you might need to buy a large home safe. In order not to need much space, you might consider an in-floor or in-wall safe for home. They can fit a considerable amount of items but remain invisible. That’s a great attempt to cover all your storage needs in one step.
Another important criterion to consider is a type of locking mechanism. All these safe boxes for home come with different kinds of locks. So, it may be hard to understand which one is the best option for you, especially if it’s your first time choosing a safe. Here is a little introduction guide to different types of safe locks.
  • Key lock safes

    First, there is a traditional key lock. This type of safe lock is probably the most common one. It has been used for many years as a lot of people consider it trustworthy. These locks are really easy to operate and they don’t require any special maintenance. Key locks might become the perfect option for you if you’re not good with remembering numbers.

  • Combination lock safes

    Then we have a combination lock. You probably have seen a safe with that type of lock in a movie at least once. It’s the one that people try to break with the help of a stethoscope, which really only works in the movies.
    The mechanism of a combination lock consists of wheels. The amount of wheels determines how many numbers will be in the combination. The principle of its work is simple. You rotate the dial and when all the wheels are aligned, the safe door opens.

simple safe with pin code lock
  • Electronic lock safes

    And last but not least is an electronic lock. This type of lock is relatively new. It is perfect for technology lovers. All you have to do is press the buttons on a keypad. Both combination and electronic locks don’t require a key, so you don’t have to worry about losing one. Also, they can’t be picked because they don’t have a keyhole.

simple safe with pin code lock

How to open a safe without a code

Let’s say you put some of your important documents in a safe with a combination or electronic lock. You want to take them out but suddenly realize that you don’t remember the numbers. So, the question is, is it possible to unlock digital or electronic safes without a combination?
If you’re dealing with a combination safe lock, you probably have an emergency key for it. So, you just have to take the dial panel off and find a keyhole. Insert your emergency key, turn it and the safe door will open.
For electronic safe locks, you might want to consider resetting the combination. Here are a few tips that you might use if you decide to do it yourself. Keep in mind that it won’t work with in-floor or wall safes, as you need access to all its sides. First, you have to find the keypad inside the safe. Look at the back panel of your safe, it probably has some openings. They are big enough to provide you with the needed access but small enough to exclude the possibility of a break-in. Look through the holes to see the interior keypad. Find the “reset” button and press it with something that can fit through this small hole. Come up with a new combination and after you enter it, press “set.” However, if your safe is overstuffed with everything, you probably won’t be able to reach the reset button, which is usually placed on a door.
If those tips didn’t help, don’t try to break the safe and don’t use knives, hammers, drills, or anything like that. We understand that situations like that may be quite stressful, but those actions can cause even more damage. It’s better to ask for assistance in unlocking a safe from a professional Locksmith company. Sure Lock & Key offers a wide range of Safe and Vault Locksmith Services. Get in touch with us, we’ll gladly help you!

How to open a safe without a key

People who are not really good at memorizing numbers may prefer key home safes. All you need to do is insert the key, turn it and your door is open. No need to keep complicated combinations in your head. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. There’s always a possibility of losing the keys from your safe box at home. What to do in a situation like this is probably the first question that comes to you. As well as can a safe be opened without a key?
If you want to solve the problem fast, you can always try to pick the lock with a pin or paperclip. However, we don’t recommend this method. Not doing it properly will cause more harm than good. You might break the lock and you’ll need to replace it.
So, the most intelligent decision is to call a professional locksmith. An experienced technician will help you to open the lock without causing any damage to it. Also, the locksmith can make you a new key to replace the one that was lost.
Sure Lock & Key is at your service at any time. We are ready to resolve any of your locksmith issues. Just give us a call!
opened metalic safe
opened metalic safe

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Summing up

So, we have all these safes with different types of locks. You can choose the one that suits you the best but please don’t forget about the problems you might face when using it. It’s quite common for people to forget a code to their safe or lose keys. It may seem like a desperate situation. That’s why we recommend thinking about a backup plan once you get your safe. Hide a spare key or combination somewhere only you know about.
However, even if it’s too late for a backup plan because the trouble has already happened, don’t worry. You may think it’s not possible to open the safe without keys or the code. Nothing is impossible with a reliable locksmith by your side.
Sure Lock & Key is always ready to assist you quickly, on the spot. We’ll happily provide you with any kind of locksmith service. After all, this is what we do and we love doing it. Feel free to contact us!

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