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How to secure your trailer from being stolen

A lot of people use trailers for the transportation of their goods or cargo. This type of vehicle may be pretty easy to steal if you don’t secure it well enough. It is unpowered, so the thief can just attach it to their car. That’s not a situation you might want to deal with. So, the question is, how to secure your trailer from being stolen? There are different ways of protecting your vehicle, for some of them, you will need the help of a professional locksmith. However, there still are ways to secure your trailer by yourself. You can go through thousands of blogs and articles to find out what can be done and what can be improved, but who can guarantee that they contain the correct information? The risk is too high as you could lose your trailer without the option of getting it back. Most owners don't even want to imagine this even as a worst possible scenario. There are several methods to increase a security level, but it's hard to check whether they come from reliable sources. Sure Lock & Key assists customers not only with servicing you through our highly trained professionals but also with the valuable information you can use before calling for professional help and also once you have decided that you have no choice and must seek a solution from a registered locksmith. Keep reading!

Trailer theft security devices

Without any safety measures, your trailer might become an easy target for thieves. To avoid this kind of situation, you might want to follow some of these tips:
  • First of all, don’t leave your trailer in easily accessible places. When something is in the open, it’s like a piece of cake for the thief. Thus, smart parking might be a wise decision to keep your trailer from being stolen. You may choose a well-lit area or block your trailer with a tow vehicle. If you back your trailer against a tree line or building, maneuvering it’ll be almost impossible.
  • You may put some significant marks on your trailer. It’s good to use bright neon colors for that purpose. Most thieves don’t want to attract much attention, so they probably won’t even get close to your trailer.
  • Also, you might want to put chains all over your vehicle and fix them to some anchors. Getting rid of them is time-consuming, so the thief won't even try it.
  • The next option you may consider is a chock lock. It'll prevent your trailer's wheels from turning. Its second function is deterrence, so choose a brightly colored one. It'll make a thief think twice about approaching your vehicle.
1. An alarm system. There are several modifications you can use to increase the travel trailer security.
2. A wireless vibration alarm will notify you at any attempt to steal your property.
3. To increase the security level, combine this alarm with a lock, so the thief will really think twice or not at all before trying to steal the trailer.
  • Another wise solution is getting trailer anti-theft devices. Let's have a look at the most common samples to understand how you can use them:
locksmith repairs a trailer
If you’re interested in installing security systems, you will probably need help from an expert.
  • Finally, you may use a GPS. It isn’t really useful for preventing theft, but it can be used if your vehicle gets stolen. Basically, it allows you to track any movement of your trailer. So, it will make it much easier to find it.
locksmith repairs a trailer

Can you get theft-proof trailer locks

Statistics show over 60,000 trailer thefts in the USA every year. From this, we can conclude that thieves are improving their skills to get through the newest security measures. Owners, obviously must act accordingly and should develop the proper approach in securing their trailers.
Apart from using the trailer security devices described above, you can get a theft-proof trailer lock. The thing is that only one proper lock won’t save the situation. Trailer security requires a complex approach. That’s why you may need to get a few different locks to protect each part and entry point of your trailer.
  • Hitch locks can be put on your hitch pin. Usually, they are used when your trailer is still attached to the car. If you have this type of lock, it will be really hard for a thief to remove the pin and disconnect the trailer from your vehicle.
  • Tongue locks are designed to fit tightly over the hitch ball, making it harder for someone to attach another vehicle and drive off with your trailer. A tongue lock is typically made of strong metal and has a key or combination mechanism that prevents the lock from being removed without the correct key or code. Selecting a lock that fits your specific trailer and hitch type is extremely important while choosing one.
  • Wheel locks can be put on the lug nuts or directly around the tire. They are really difficult to break and most thieves won’t even bother trying.
  • If you have a spare tire for your trailer, you may also consider securing it. For that, you might use a spare tire lock.
  • A wheel clamp is a device that you can put on one of the trailer wheels and it will block its movement. So even if someone can easily access your trailer, they simply won’t be able to move it.
black closed trailer
  • A latch pin lock. This type of lock slides through the trailer's latch and locks it in place. Once it is closed, the thief won't be able to separate the trailer from the vehicle. You will however, be required to keep a key on your person or some secretive place nearby. Whether you are not sure your keys are in the right place, follow a simple guide to carrying keys.
black closed trailer

Need more information?

Summing up

So, we can all agree that providing proper security for your trailer, in most scenarios, is quite essential. This vehicle is pretty easy to steal as it can just simply be attached to any car or truck. To avoid that, you might follow the tips that we have suggested. There are many ways to secure your valuables, so you are free to choose the one that seems to you to work the best.
Regarding any automotive locksmith services, you may contact Sure Lock & Key. We’re a team with considerable experience in the Locksmith and Security industry. We’ll gladly provide the best safety measures for your trailer. Just give us a call!

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