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How Can I Open A Safe If I’ve Lost My Key

“Help! I need to open my safe, but I don’t have a key” we hear a lot more often than you would think. A key seems to be a perfect object to lose. All of us have had such an experience at least once. Here we want to share with you all the options you have to open a safe when you’ve lost the key. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to help whether you need a new key for your safe or the information on how to get it.

What Can I Do To Open A Safe When I Don’t Have A Key

Keys aren’t a very common method of getting into the safe. Usually, they are a main locking/unlocking method or the secondary one of the not very expensive safes. Your safe model may have batteries inside, so a mechanical key is the only way to open the safe and replace batteries. A safe without access is pointless, so let’s check what you can do to get the access back.

Ask Your Safe Manufacturer For A New Key

Generally speaking, we have two solutions to the described above situation, and you can choose whenever is best for you. First of all, you can always call a locksmith to get the work done. Using different techniques such as picking the lock, a new key cutting by implementing a key-by-key code, or key impressioning, a technician will quickly provide you with access. But if you can’t use a locksmith due to some reason, you can try another method. It may take some time, so consider whether it’s worth waiting.
If you need the override key for emergency use, you can ask your safe’s manufacturer to mail you one. You will have to provide proof of purchase and your ID to verify your ownership. Otherwise, they can’t send you a key. So buying a safe, safe box, or gun chest, be sure to register it under your name. If this method fails, then you need a locksmith.
combination big safe
combination big safe

Have A Locksmith To Make You A New Safe Key

Locksmiths don’t have a key to provide you with access to your safe. Locksmiths can open a safe and make you a new key using different techniques, tools, and skills. Depending on what you need at the moment, your technician will choose the best strategy. If all you want is to get that safe opened, the tech will pick or drill the lock out. It’s an unbelievably quick method, but you will need a new safe in the end. This time it’s better to try a safe with a dial or electronic lock.
Also, some safes may contain coded information about the needed key blank on their exterior. Such data will hasten the cutting. If there’s no number, and you want to continue to use your safe, the locksmith will impress a new key. This process takes a bit longer, but it’s totally secure.

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