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How to open a magnetic lock - helpful tips from professionals

Most people would consider a jammed magnetic lock an unnecessary headache or challenge, if they knew what it was. Best bet, call a professional. However, even though it is complicated, if a malfunctioning lock tempts you to try fixing it yourself and you really think you understand what to do then, why not try. If you get stuck we’re always ready to help. Sure Lock & Key, is only a call away. Don’t let a jammed lock ruin your day. Below you will find some useful tips on how to resolve these and other problems that may arise. Let’s take a look!

How does a magnetic door lock work

Before getting started, it will be good to find out how exactly magnetic locks work. It depends on the type of lock, as each of them has different principles of usage. The construction is simple - it’s a metal bar that comes with a magnet. There are two basic types of magnetic locks, fail safe and fail secure.
A fail safe magnetic lock remains unlocked when the power is turned off. To lock the door, you need to restore the power. To avoid unnecessary difficulties with the mechanism, make sure that there is stable electricity in your facility. Fail secure locks work differently as they remain locked if the power goes off. Most Entrepreneurs use these types of locks to protect their businesses.
opening a magnetic door lock
opening a magnetic door lock

Basic methods of unlocking a magnetic lock. Keycard Reader

There are several methods of unlocking a magnetic lock, and it all depends on how exactly you activate the mechanism. For example, it could be equipped with the HID keycard reader. You simply swipe the card in front of the reader to send a signal and activate the mechanism. However, this method has one huge disadvantage. You need to keep your card with you. If you lose it or someone steals it, you might be in trouble.

Numeric Keypad

This method allows you to set up a keypad and have your password to unlock the magnetic lock. If you want to limit the number of users who have access to what is located behind the door, program the keypad to the limited number of passwords you need. Everyone who needs to be there will have their passcodes. If you have things of value behind the door, think about a creative passcode and don't share it with anyone. It should also be a very strict rule that a person hides the digits they use on the keypad as they are putting them in.

Need more information?

Use Biometric Sensors To Unlock A Magnetic Lock

This method may look more reliable than the previous one because it requires biometrics of a specific person. It could be a fingerprint (the most common option) or a retinal scan. Like with the fingerprint, you can program the system, so it will work for several users who have access to the facility. It's easy. You simply put your finger to the scanner and when it matches your fingerprints, stored in the database, it unlocks the lock.

Good Old Mechanical Key For A Magnetic Lock

It may be unusual because mechanical keys are associated with traditional locks. Well, it's just a misconception, and mechanical keys could easily match with magnetic door locks. The problem is that you can lose your key or get it stolen. To prevent such issues, make sure that all involved choose a safe place for their key storage.

Exit Switch - Unlock The Lock From The Inside

You don't need to use keys, cards, or enter the passcode here. Simply push the button and pull the handle if you want to go outside. You might be wondering, how does one unlock the lock if the power cuts off? The truth is you don’t have to worry, you won't be trapped inside. If the electricity is shut down, the lock will automatically unlock itself.

Summing Up

All the previous methods work when there are no issues with the lock. However, if it breaks, you should know what to do. You can analyze the situation and try to fix it yourself with the required tools (a drill driver, a skrill driver, screws, etc.). However, it takes time and requires needed skills and knowledge about how exactly the mechanism works.
With a local locksmith, you can count on an intelligent solution as he will know exactly how the mechanism works and how to fix the issue. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to assist, 24 hours a day. Our job is keeping you safe day by day. Have problems with a magnetic lock? Give us a call. Our technicians will arrive at your location, unlock the lock and fix it if needed and we will do it quickly.
magnetic lock opening
magnetic lock opening

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