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How to make a simple door lock?

Locksmith issues are practically impossible to avoid and usually, they occur completely unexpectedly. Let’s say you’re coming back home late after work. You start locking your door and the key gets stuck inside. No matter how hard you turn it, nothing happens. Of course, you can’t leave your door unlocked, as it can be pretty dangerous. What can you do? You can always use professional residential locksmith services, but what if they’re unavailable in your area, or you can’t wait until a tech arrives at your location?

There are actually many ways to create a simple door lock, using tools that probably all people have in their houses. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Lock a door with a doorstop or wedge

One of the simplest methods to lock a door without a lock everyone has probably tried or at least heard about is using a door wedge. All you have to do is put something underneath your door that’ll stop it from moving. Of course, it’s not the most reliable option, as it won’t be as useful if someone applies too much force, but still, it can be really effective.
However, keep in mind that it will work only for doors that open inwards.
doorstop for door locking
doorstop for door locking

Lock a door with a back of a chair

There are so many reasons for your door lock to malfunction. Locks can easily get broken or worn out. If something like that happens unexpectedly, you might use some stuff that you have in your home to keep the door closed until the technician comes to fix the lock.
Actually, you can simply take a chair from your kitchen, for example, and use it for that purpose. Place the back of your chair underneath the handle to disable their movement. Ensure that the chair is standing still. It’ll work out if your chair is made of quality and sturdy materials, like wood or metal. Plastic chairs can be useless in cases like that. Also, that solution won’t work if you have a lock with a door knob.

Remove a door handle

Another method you can use is removing the door handle from the outside. However, this option is only for emergency cases where no other method worked out. It’s suitable for any kind of door, no matter if it opens inwards or outwards.
To perform this action, you’ll need some additional tools. Plus, this method requires some skills and time. You might accidentally damage your lock even more, so be careful if you’re planning to do that.

Lock a door with a bent fork

Did you know that you could use a fork as a temporary lock for your door? It may sound crazy at first, but this method is quite effective.
What are some of the steps you need to take to prepare your fork for this? First of all, you’ll need to take pliers and bend the ends of your fork a bit. After you’re done, accurately cut off the handle. Make sure not to hurt yourself! When you complete all the preparations, it’s time to insert the head of the fork where the strike plate is. Close your door and fit the handle that you cut off previously between the teeth of your fork to block the movement.

Portable door lock

Another method we want to present you with is using a portable door lock. Consider purchasing at least one and leaving it somewhere in your house, just in case. This little device can be really helpful in case of an emergency.
This option is one of the safest and most reliable on our list. Some people even use these devices on a regular basis for an extra level of protection for their doors.
Portable door locks are not really expensive and they can be easily installed without any professional tools.

Lock a door with a belt or rope

You can try being more creative and use a belt or some kind of rope to lock your door. However, keep in mind that this method is only suitable for doors that have an opener, hooks, or anything else on the door that you use to attach the rope. Also, this option is better for doors operated with handles that open outwards.
All you have to do is attach one side of your belt or rope to the handle and the other one to an opener, hook, or anything else that’ll hold it still.

Install a door barricade

If you don’t really want to look for all these tools and deal with all these methods we mentioned above, you can always use the good old traditional option – door barricade. This one is suitable for the doors that open inwards for obvious reasons.
Basically, all you have to do is move some heavy objects, like shelves, couch, chair, etc. and place it close to the front door to block their movement. It won’t lock it, but it’ll prevent anyone from opening it from the outside by using brutal force.

Try a door security bar

The last method we want to mention is quite similar to the previous one, but it requires more advanced tools. You can use a security bar to block your door’s movement. The principle is the same as with barricading – it’ll work only with doors that open inwards.
Security bars usually are made of steel or wood. You can either attach them to your door frame or to the wall, depending on how wide they are.
This method is more of a preventive measure. You can install brackets for the bars beforehand and in case an emergency occurs, you can use them.
door security bar
door security bar

Summing up

We all can agree that locksmith issues can be extremely unpredictable. You never know when your door lock will start malfunctioning, or your key will break. Sometimes, you need to come up with quick solutions to secure your doors. We hope our little guide on creating simple locks was useful. However, keep in mind that all these measures are temporary and you’ll eventually need to fix your locks.
Sure Lock & Key has years of experience in locksmithing and we’ll gladly assist you.

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