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How to keep your luggage safe while traveling

When you’re about to leave for a vacation, you probably have a lot on your mind. You need to take care of all the bookings and tickets. However, no matter how busy you are, don’t neglect the security of your luggage. Let’s be honest, if some of your belongings get stolen, it can completely ruin your vacation.

However, there are a few measures you may take to avoid this awful experience. Sure Lock & Key knows everything about securing your luggage and we want to share our knowledge with you. Look through our little guide and maybe you’ll find some of the tips helpful.

Use locks for your bags

One of the best ways to protect everything you have in your suitcase is to put a lock on it. A lock for luggage won’t provide you with the highest level of security, but it may at least make the criminal think twice before touching it. What type of lock is the best for luggage?
It’s advisable to purchase TSA locks. These locks meet all the requirements of airport security. As we all know, there’s a possibility that the airport workers would want to search your bag. If your lock is not TSA-approved, they have all the rights to break it.
You may get a lock operated with a key or one with a dial. TSA-approved locks are equipped with a master key system. So all members of airport security have a key that can open this type of lock.
However, just like any other lock, it may malfunction. If you have any issues with your TSA lock, you may use professional emergency locksmith services.
tsa lock for luggage
tsa lock for luggage

Never leave your luggage unattended

Even though it may sound obvious, always keep an eye on your bags. Unattended luggage is like a red flag for criminals. They usually look for easy targets that no one cares about.
No matter where you are, whether it’s an airport, restaurant, or hotel, never leave your luggage out of sight. Even if you need to go to the bathroom or anywhere else and can’t take your stuff with you, ask your companion to look after your bags.
When you’re leaving your hotel room, don’t forget to lock it so that no strangers can get inside.
If you’re going for a walk but don’t want to carry your luggage everywhere with you, consider leaving it in a storage room.

Keep your valuables with you

No matter how well you protect your luggage, it may still be at risk. So, it’s essential to take your most valuable assets, like money, documents, phone, etc., and put them in a small bag that you can carry everywhere you go.
When you’re on public transport, always keep this back in front of you and look after it. Before leaving anywhere, check if all the pockets are closed. Unzipped bags are an easy target for pickpockets.
When you’re sitting in a restaurant or cafe, keep your bag out of reach of other visitors. You may even attach it to the chair or table.
tsa lock for backpack
tsa lock for backpack

Get the right travel insurance for your trip

All the security measures we mentioned above may help you prevent your belongings from being stolen. However, they don’t give you a 100% guarantee. So, one thing you can do is act in advance and get proper travel insurance for your trip. So, in case something bad happens, it’ll be much easier to deal with the consequences as the insurance will cover the expenses.
Even though travel insurance might be quite expensive, it’s definitely worth investing in one. Most travel insurances cover the cancelation of the trip, trip delay and interruption. Also, it’ll cover your medical expenses. Another important factor that travel insurance can cover is baggage loss.
For example, if your luggage gets lost at the airport, you’ll need to report it. The insurance will compensate the loss and it will cover the cost of your personal belonging that were inside.
However, some things can’t be covered by your insurance. No one covers the loss of cash money. Also, not all companies cover really expensive items, like jewelry or art pieces. So, before getting the insurance, carefully read all the terms.

Summing up

If you want to have a nice and peaceful vacation, you’ll need to take care of your luggage security. There are various measures you might take to do that. Always keep an eye on your luggage, secure it with a lock and get the right travel insurance. None of these measures guarantee 100% security, but they definitely minimize the risks.

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