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Can A Locksmith Make A New Key Just From The Lock

There are lots of methods to make a new key. And depending on your case, a locksmith will choose the best one. Very often our customers face the situation where they need to get a new key just from the lock. It’s more complicated than usual duplication, but still possible and easily accessible if the locksmith knows what to do. Sure Lock & Key is always here whether you need a new key or the information on how to need it!

Tools For Lock Impressioning

This is one of the basic methods of key duplication. We face situations where a person has a lock and needs to get a key for it constantly. That’s why the sequence of actions is strict.
First of all, a locksmith needs a lock. That would be the most important part of duplication. Next, we need a key blank. It might happen that we will need more than one key blank. But don’t worry, they cost around $1 apiece. Also, a locksmith can’t do without an impression tool or vise grips. It depends on what a locksmith prefers to work with. Four pin locks are easier to impress, so a locksmith may do it by hand. But impressioning of a five or six pins lock without an impression tool or at least vise grips may cause hand injuries. The final step is a file of special shape and grit.
key in a lock cylinder
key in a lock cylinder

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Key Impressioning

The first step is to get rid of the chrome on the surface of the key blank’s blade edge. Also, a locksmith needs to file the blade to make the edge really sharp so the marks will be easier to define. Now, when the key blank is ready, it goes straight into the lock. Holding a key blank by a vise grip or impressioning tool, a locksmith wiggles it back and forth. It takes time and carefulness because the key blank can break. From time to time a locksmith takes the future key out and watches the mark the pins left on the blade.
This stage is the most important because a locksmith has to be really skillful to read the marks correctly. It requires lots of experience, and if the marks were interpreted wrong, the cuts will be made wrong as well, and the key won’t work. Once the marks are visible, a technician can score them down using a file. But that’s not all. After that goes another impression to make sure there are no more marks, and those that are already filed are correct. Impressioning may need a few sets. A locksmith continues until the key blank starts to work as an actual key.

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