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How To Change Combination Lock

A combination lock can be a great way to secure your luggage, sporting goods, and other possessions. However, if you forget the combination code, then there’s no way to open the lock. So what should you do in this kind of situation?

One thing you can do is write down your combination somewhere. However, this can be very risky because there’s always the possibility that someone will discover your combination code. Even if you’ve forgotten the combination to your padlock and you don’t have it written anywhere, it’s not the end of the world. You can call and get expert help from a professional locksmith. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to resolve any locksmith issues.

How do combination locks work

You're probably curious about how combination locks work. They consist of a set of wheels, and their number depends on how many digits there are in the combination. Also, there’s a dial that connects to the spindle. The spindle travels via numerous wheels and a drive cam inside the lock. It turns the drive cam as you turn the dial. A drive pin is attached to the drive cam. The drive pin makes contact with a little projection on the adjacent wheel called the wheel fly when the cam rotates. On each side of each wheel, there is a fly. The drive pin rotates the first wheel until it comes into contact with the adjacent wheel. This process continues until all of the wheels begin to turn. This is referred to as wheel matching. When you use the proper combination, the wheels and notches align perfectly. When all wheels are aligned, the notches of the wheels line up and generate a gap. This gap in a padlock allows the locking bolt to be unfastened.

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How can you change a safe combination code

Combination locks are used mostly on safes. Eventually, you might need to change the combination on your safe lock. There are many reasons for this:
  • You suspect that someone has learned your combination.
  • You are getting divorced and no longer want your spouse to have access to your valuables.
  • You fire an employee who knows the combination or an employee who has the combination to your safe has quit.
  • You have forgotten the combination.
  • The combination is too difficult to remember or is no longer relevant.
Some safes have a mechanical lock where you have to turn a dial so that the safe can be opened. Changing the code in this type of lock can be challenging because you will need a key. If you've lost the key or never had one, you may ask your safe distributor for help or hire a reputable locksmith to change the code. Most safe manuals have detailed instructions on changing the lock combination. So, if you have your change key, the process of changing the code is pretty easy.
  1. First, open the safe door and pass the lock bolts to the changing mark.
  2. Then you’ll have to turn your knob through the changing mark point counterclockwise. The number of turns depends on the number of digits in your code.
  3. After you’re done, insert the changing key.
  4. Then dial your new combination once again.
  5. After everything’s set, you can test if your lock works properly.
combination lock
If you’re not sure about how to do this correctly, it’s better not to change the combination yourself. You might consider consulting with a professional locksmith first. Remember, changing the combination without an authorized technician will void the warranty on your lock.
combination lock

Is there a way to reset a master lock combination

If you’ve ever dealt with lockers, you’ve probably opened a Master combination lock. Combination locks might also be useful for protecting storage sheds and various rooms in your home. A standard Master Lock has up to 10,000 combinations.
These combination locks are mostly used in public spaces, so you should reset the combination so that the previous owner can’t open it. A master lock 4 number combination reset is possible, but it is a rather complicated process. However, if you decide to do it, here is a short guide:
  • Use your old combination to open the lock.
  • Move the shackle to the side so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Take the special reset tool and put it deep down into the hole.
  • Turn it so that the main logo is facing you.
  • Then, turn the wheels three times clockwise, it removes the old combination.
  • After you’re done, come up with new numbers for your code. It’s good to choose numbers that are meaningful for you, to remember them easily. However, it’s better not to choose basic stuff, like your birthday for example.
combination lock
  • Enter your new combination code and turn the reset tool to the starting position. Put the shackle in and press it down to lock it. So, that’s it, your combination is reset.
combination lock
If you don’t have the reset tool or you simply don’t know the old combination, you won’t be able to reset it. However, you don’t have to worry about that. The best solution is to ask a professional locksmith for help. These technicians have all the tools and know-how to open your lock without the code and then they’ll reset your combination.

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Summing up

For most combination locks, it’s possible to change the combination. This job becomes quite difficult when it comes to items such as safes. In particular, dealing with the mechanical dials on safes can be a challenging task if you aren't sure how to do this correctly. Changing the combination on a safe with a mechanical lock almost always requires the help of a locksmith. Sure Lock & Key might be an excellent option for this. We offer emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, throughout the year, so call us anytime!

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