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What is the intercom in a house

Today, there are so many security devices you can use to protect your home from burglars or any other threats. You can choose between various lock types – mechanical and electronic ones. Also, you can equip your house with a security system that has cameras, alarms and motion sensors.

Another popular device that is really convenient and pretty affordable is a home intercom. These simple devices allow you to identify your visitors without opening the door. That way, you can avoid unwanted guests. Today we want to talk about various types of home intercoms, how they work and their pros and cons. So, if you want to learn more about this security device, keep reading.

What is a home intercom

First of all, let’s define what exactly a home intercom system is. Basically, it’s a security device that is usually installed on your front door or gate. It provides the possibility for two-way communication. It is equipped with a small camera and audio. So, you can see who is standing in front of your door without opening it and you can communicate with that person.
It’ll significantly enhance your security, as you can identify the person through the intercom and if it’s a stranger or an unwanted visitor, you don’t have to open the door.

Types of home intercom

  • One of the most popular types is a wireless intercom system. These devices are small and portable, so you can easily move them if needed. Usually, they provide the signal by using radio frequency.
  • Another type that is commonly used is a wired intercom. So, the hardware that is on the outside is connected to the part that is inside with the help of wires. Usually, this type is more expensive than the wireless one, but it’s considered to be more reliable. However, it requires professional installation, so you might need to use security services.
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  • Also, there’s a video intercom. As you can understand from the name, this type of intercom is equipped with a camera on the outside and a screen on the inside. So, you’ll be able to see your visitors without opening the door.
  • An audio intercom system is not as common now, as many people prefer ones with cameras. These systems allow you to communicate with your visitors, but you can’t see them.
  • The newest type is a smart intercom system that can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.
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Benefits of home intercom

Even though the home intercom is not as popular as some other security devices, it actually has many benefits.
  • As we have already mentioned, it increases your security level. If it is equipped with a camera, you can always check who is at your front door. Also, you can control the situation remotely if you install a smart home intercom.
  • This device can be used inside the house as well to communicate with other residents. For example, if you have someone with limited mobility, you don’t have to go to their room any time they need something.
  • An intercom may act as a crime deterrent. Criminals might want to avoid houses with intercoms, especially if they’re equipped with cameras.
home intercom system
  • These devices are not really expensive. So, if you can’t afford a security system, a home intercom might be a great option.
home intercom system

How to choose the right home intercom

So, we already discussed what an intercom is and how it works. We described various types of intercoms, so now you probably want to know how to choose the perfect intercom system.
First of all, you need to define the purpose of your home intercom. You’ll need to decide whether you want to use it inside or you want to install it on your front door or gate. Then it’s important to decide whether you want a wireless intercom which is more convenient or a wired one, which is harder to install but is more reliable.
Also, choose whether you need an intercom with a camera and audio. To achieve a higher level of security, it’s better to combine both. These systems vary in price depending on their features, so decide how much you’re ready to pay.

Summing up

Even though home intercoms are not as popular as they were before, they can increase your security a lot. These devices allow you to control who enters your property. With the help of home intercoms, you can communicate with your visitors without opening the door. There are many types of intercoms to choose from, so we created a little guide to help you decide which one is better for you. If you have any questions about home intercoms or need assistance with the installation, Sure Lock & Key is here for you.

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