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How does the wireless intercom work

Probably all of us want to make our home as secure as possible. To achieve that, people equip their houses with the newest high-security locks and advanced home security systems. These measures are extremely effective, but they might be quite pricey as well. So, if it goes over the budget you’re ready to spend on security, there are some other measures you can take.

One of the devices that are both secure and cost-effective is a home intercom. There are different types of this device out on the market today. However, their function is pretty much the same. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your visitors without opening the door. Today, we want to discuss a wireless intercom. We’re going to define how it works, talk about its main advantages and figure out whether it’s better than the wired one.

What is a wireless intercom

So, first, you probably want to know what a wireless intercom is. It is a small device that can be easily installed and moved if needed. As we have already mentioned, this security device provides two-way communication. So, you can use it to talk to visitors without opening your door. If it’s equipped with a camera, you can even see your visitors on the little screen inside your house. It’ll significantly enhance your building's security, as you can avoid unwanted guests. Also, it may act as a strong crime deterrent.
Another way to use a wireless intercom is to communicate between the residents inside the house. It’s really convenient and often really helpful in case one of the residents has mobility issues, for example.

How does it work

So, as we can all understand, this device consists of two parts. The first part is installed outside your building and it has an audio receiver and a camera. Another part is inside the house and it has a screen and audio channel as well.
To function, a wireless intercom mostly uses radio waves. So, when a person talks into the microphone, the signal is transmitted to the receiver inside the house and you can hear the sound. At the same time, you can see the picture on the little screen.
That way, you can identify who is in front of your door and decide whether you want to let that person in or not.
woman uses home security system
woman uses home security system

The difference between a wired and wireless intercom system

Even though wireless intercoms are really popular, many people use the wired option as well. So, what is the main difference between these devices and which one is better?
The biggest difference is the fact that a wired intercom requires a wire to function and a wireless one doesn’t. Because of that, a wireless intercom is way more convenient. It can be easily installed and moved without professional assistance. With a wired intercom, you might need professional security services.
However, wired intercoms are considered to be more reliable, as they don’t depend on the internet connection and distance, unlike wireless ones.
card key for secutity system
There’s also a difference in price, as a wired intercom has more components than the wireless one. Plus, the installation process will be more complicated and time-consuming. Also, they’re easier and cheaper to maintain and repair.
card key for secutity system

Summing up

A wireless intercom is a small, inexpensive device that can enhance your building's security. It gives you the possibility to identify your visitors and communicate with them without opening the door. This type of intercom can be easily installed without professional assistance. However, if you’re not fully confident you can do it yourself, Sure Lock & Key will gladly help you.

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