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Can you put a smart lock on a gate

When it comes to home security, the first point is your gate area. Anyone who would like to come inside has to go through it. So, logically, we want this area to be entirely secured. Every day the number of people who choose smart locks for their gates increases. Why? Besides the higher security level, these locks give you an opportunity to control the access of certain people to your property remotely. This is very logical as well as convenient, especially if we talk about commercial gates.

Over the years of extensive experience, we at Sure Lock & Key have worked with thousands of different locks. Those that are older than the most modern and advanced types of locks. We would like to share our knowledge so that you can easily decide if you need a smart gate lock and what the benefits will be.

How Does a Smart Gate Lock work

Despite the fact that each smart lock has a different locking mechanism, the working principle is the same: when you close your gate, you also lock it.
How to unlock a gate with a smart lock? There are several ways depending on your smart lock. If it has a keypad, the door will open after entering the password. There are locks that use a special key fob or even an app on your phone. This way, the gate will be open only when you, yourself, will use one of these tools.
If you fear what will happen if you lose your fob or the battery on your phone will go dead preventing you from unlocking your gate, don’t worry. Your lock will start getting a low-battery warning a couple of weeks before it totally dies. However, if missed the chance to change the batteries on time, you may always get emergency locksmith services for help.
remotly gate opener
remotly gate opener

The Best Smart Gate Locks

When you’ve considered the pros and cons of smart gate locks and have decided to install one, the next step is to choose the one most suitable. Let’s talk about the most popular smart door lock brands.
Ultraloq U-Bolt
This lock is known for several major benefits. One of them can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and high temperatures like summers in Florida or winters in Illinois. However, as you know, every lock has two parts, the “outer” and “inner” one, and the resistant features apply only to its “outer” side. That means you will have to get a lock cover or canopy for the “inner” part to protect it from water, snow, frost, dust, and sunlight. Also, this smart lock has another impressive advantage. It can work with your smartphone and allows you access from different items, including a keypad, a mechanical key, a shake to open, and even auto-unlock. Also, the manufacturer claims the battery works smoothly for up to a year.
August Wi-Fi (4th Generation)
This lock can proudly be called a smart one. Besides the futuristic minimalist design, it can offer you a full range of intelligent characteristics like remote control and auto-unlock on your arrival via smartphone or voice. You can be on vacation in the south and open a door for a relative, neighbor or the Gardner. In addition to that, you will get notifications about every person that enters and can even set a limit regarding the time each of the guests have to access your house. The downside of this lock is that you will have to buy a locking cover as it’s not weatherproofed on the inside. Also, it doesn’t offer compatibility with 5GHZ Wi-Fi connections, which may be crucial for some people.
Smart Gate Lock with bell
Schlage BE 365
If you’re looking for a nice option in between, this type of lock could be perfect for you. One main advantage is that this type of lock can be operated with either a keypad or a regular key, which makes it perfect if you’re afraid of being locked out of the house due to a dead batter. Its main benefit is water resistance and a strong, robust housing. It also fits almost every part of your home, has a variety of colors, and the installation is super easy and may be performed in minutes. The only disadvantage users expressed is the poor customer service by the manufacturer. However, a lifetime warranty indicates you will likely never have to deal with them.
You may search yourself to find more appropriate variants to choose from. If you’re interested in the door lock brands that promise the best quality, you may check our article The 5 best door lock brands.
Smart Gate Lock with bell

Other Smart Devices for Gates

However, if there are reasons that don’t allow you to install a smart lock on your gate, don’t worry! There are plenty of other alternatives. One of them is choosing a non-“fully smart lock.” For example, consider getting a mechanical lock that doesn’t require batteries. The great advantage of this lock is that it works without electricity and additional power and has many combinations to set a unique code only you will know. Also, this lock is way cheaper than the smart ones but provides almost the same security level. The only drawback is that you cannot remotely control it.
One more idea you may consider is using a smart padlock. Although it may seem less serious as a lock, a padlock proves to be an effective security provider, especially if people don’t have a solid gate. It’s also water-resistant and budget-friendly. The only thing that needs to be changed from time to time is the battery.

Summing up

Caring about the security of your private areas is generally a person’s #1 priority. Never forget that security starts at your gate, so it’s wise to use only a reliable lock. Before purchasing one, you probably will compare the characteristics of different models and consider the budget you’re ready to allocate. We hope this article gave you a general view of different smart gate lock models. If you decide to install one to your gate and decide you need assistance, Sure Lock & Key, is ready and happy to help you. Afterall, this is what we do and we love to do it.

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