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How do I connect my security camera to my phone

Today, more and more people are considering installing surveillance cameras to enhance the level of their home security. As a locksmith and security company with extensive experience, Sure Lock & Key has seen home security developing and advancing over the years. Luckily, today the security devices market has myriads of options for every budget, so you won't have problems choosing the best one just for you.

If you eventually decided to satisfy your need for home safety, purchased and installed some security cameras, we're more than happy! The only thing left is to link the cameras to your phone so that you can easily track the situation when you're away. In the article below, we shared how to do it yourself. However, if you bought a camera and need assistance with installation, feel free to use professional security services.

4 steps to connect the security camera to your phone

If you already have this device installed, then it's time to connect the security camera to your phone. We consider it a necessity if you want to check the situation around and inside your home when you're away.
So, here we listed how to do it yourself in 4 easy steps.
Step 1. Download and launch the security camera app on your phone. Most popular camera brands have created apps to use with their products. Usually, you can find the name on the box or in the instruction manual and download the app from App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). However, some types of CCTV cameras may be used with third-party apps. It depends on the security camera type and how it stores the video. For example, some cameras use DVR for that purpose. If you have this type of camera, ensure it's internet-enabled, as classical DVRs aren't, which means they cannot be connected to the smartphone. We recommend using brand-affiliated apps over third-party ones, as they are more secure, and there is almost no risk your private videos will be accessed by strangers. Some apps might require you to sign up. It's better to create a new account instead of logging in with an existing account like Facebook or Google, as your private footage will have fewer risks of being hacked.
Step 2. Add your security camera. You can usually find the icon of a plus or a text saying, “Add a camera” or “Add a device.” Tap this sign and follow the steps the app will propose to you to pair a device. Your app also may generate a QR code for adding the security camera.
When a security camera is turned on, and the status LED indicates it's ready for use, scan a QR code and the device will be added. Some apps require selecting a camera like a wireless network, so you'll be asked to go into your phone's Wi-Fi settings for that. Find the camera in the list as if it was a traditional Wi-Fi network and connect it. Then come back to the app and the camera will already be paired.
connect the security camera to your phone
Step 3. Share access to the device. If you install the security camera in your family home, you will likely want to share access to video with your relatives. The same situation with offices or rental apartments, which means multiple users can do the monitoring. To avoid sharing sensitive information like passwords, add them using a special icon, their email, or by giving them a QR code.
Step 4. Adjust the settings. Last but not least, you'll need to regulate the settings to make it simple for you to monitor your desired area. This includes integration with voice assistants, scheduling the camera working time, motion detection sensitivity, notifications, etc. However, many default settings don't need to be changed.
Note that some of these steps may vary depending on the security camera type and application. So, check it or look for the instruction that usually comes with the security camera to know what to use.
connect the security camera to your phone

How to connect the security camera to the phone without the internet

You've just read a four-step guide on how to connect your CCTV camera to the smartphone, but the method above requires an internet connection. Is it possible to pair those devices without the internet? Actually, yes, but the access would be limited. What does it mean? You will see what's going on only when your phone and camera are both in the same home local network.
To make it work, you can follow these directions – connect the security camera to your router. Don't worry, the internet connection may be inactive. After doing this, you can access your CCTV camera from your smartphone even without a connection. However, the main point of installing a security camera is to monitor the situation when you're away, so this method cannot satisfy this demand. That's why we recommend following the four steps we mentioned above.

Reasons why you can't see your security camera on your phone

The first thing to do when you can't see your camera on your smartphone is to check the Wi-Fi router, as it possibly stopped sending an internet connection to the CCTV recorder. Open a random window in a browser on your smartphone to understand whether the problem is with the connection on the phone or with the security device itself. If you've recently changed an internet provider or internet router, try reconnecting it to the DVR, and the app should work well.
The reason may also be related to IP address change. Try googling “what's my IP address” and check whether this number matches the one in the app. If not, update the camera on the app. If all the previous options don't work, try rebooting both the router and the camera and connecting them again. Cameras using TP-Link Powerline Adapter may fault working if there are less than three green lights on. Switching off the TP-Link plug and turning it back in a few seconds may help if the problem is due to the power spike.
If none of these tips help, consider using professional security services.
CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Footage
CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Footage

Summing up

Security camera installation is one more step you can take to increase your home safety. They allow you to monitor what's happening in your home and the nearby area and serve as instruments that will keep you calm with a greater sense of security. Connecting a camera to your smartphone may sound like a big deal, but you may perform it easily by following some tips listed above. However, if you have doubts or feel something may go wrong, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

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