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Do smart locks work without Wi-Fi

In the classic TV space series "Star Trek", they all used smart locks. One of the crew walks up to a door, and it opens automatically, just like the sci-fi equivalent of Face ID. Nowadays, smart locks are commonplace worldwide. The ability to unlock and lock a door without using a physical key, easy access for family and friends without having to duplicate and distribute keys, hands-free operation, and remote control are just some of the many benefits of a Wi-Fi smart door lock. These locks can be opened by a code, a fingerprint, or an app on your smartphone. It's extremely convenient, and there's no need to make extra keys for family members, friends, caregivers, etc., or have one of them hold on to your only spare key. However, do smart locks need Wi-Fi? We will answer this question in our article!

Do smart locks need Wi-Fi?

Many electronic locks can now connect to Wi-Fi as an additional option. You can remotely control it from any place that has a network.
One of the best features of the smart door lock is that you may use the app to remotely open the gate for a visitor, even if you are a mile away from home. However, you won't be able to access it remotely without an internet connection.
Using the smart door lock manually doesn't require an internet connection, you can use your fingerprint, password, card, or key to unlock it.
If you're trying to decide which one is the better – traditional or smart lock, and you're hesitant about which smart lock to choose, we are ready to help you. Here's an introduction to some of the most popular smart lock manufacturers.
  • Schlage
  • Schlage offers some great Wi-Fi. One example is the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi deadbolt locks. These locks have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to lock and unlock from anywhere. These locks can also be connected to Alexa to unlock and lock doors using voice commands.
  • Kwikset
  • Kwikset is another manufacturer of smart locks. They offer a variety of Wi-Fi-compatible smart door locks, including the Kwikset 99380-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart lock. Users can receive notifications of lock activity and view event history through the Kwikset app. The lock can also be used with Alexa or Google Assistant.
    card for smart lock
  • Yale
  • Yale smart locks have received many recommendations from users due to their ease of use and installation, durability, security rating, etc. They are Wi-Fi-enabled locks with lots of exciting features, for example, compatibility with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • August
  • August is also on top of the game, creating smart locks with advanced features. August's latest 4th-generation Wi-Fi lock might be an excellent option for technology lovers. The lock has built-in Wi-Fi, so you don't need an extra bridge to connect to the Wi-Fi network. It can attach to your existing deadbolt so that you may use your existing keys.
    card for smart lock

    Is Wi-Fi smart lock safe?

    Some people are still hesitant about whether smart locks are secure. Their main concern is that because of using a Wi-Fi connection, these locks can be hacked. However, only some smart locks require a Wi-Fi connection for regular operation. Locks that do not require a Wi-Fi connection are usually connected via Bluetooth or Z-Wave.
    While Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks are more susceptible to hacking, they offer more advanced features than non-Wi-Fi smart locks. Listed below are some of the features you can take advantage of if you connect your smart lock to Wi-Fi:
    • Connecting to Wi-Fi allows you to access the smart lock remotely. This will enable you to lock and unlock the door from anywhere, of course, including work or home.
    • The Wi-Fi connection allows you to monitor your door activity with a smart lock app. You can receive security alerts and check what's happening at your front door at any time.
    • Locks with Wi-Fi are often compatible with other smart devices. You may integrate your lock with Google Home and Alexa for greater accessibility if you have an Internet connection.
    smart lock on wooden door
    smart lock on wooden door

    Smart lock without a Wi-Fi connection

    There are many different smart locks that do not require Wi-Fi to operate. They offer digital panels, biometric readers, and fobs. If you are worried about potential hackers, there are many types of smart locks without WiFi available from most leading manufacturers.
    However, most people like this technology, so the manufacturers do everything possible to produce locks that will appeal to customers. The addition of Wi-Fi to a smart lock amounts to an extra minimal cost. That's why almost all smart locks are equipped with it. Can a smart door lock for home work without the internet? The answer is yes, although some functions will not be available.

    Summing up

    In conclusion, smart locks can work without Wi-Fi, but their functions are limited. Many smart locks without Wi-Fi can work with other communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Zigbee. So if your Wi-Fi is disconnected, you can still use your lock. However, if you're having any trouble with your lock, Sure Lock & Key is here to help. We provide our services 24 hours a day, throughout the year, so you can get expert help when you need it.

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