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How do electric strikes work

Today, people look for the best security devices to protect themselves and their property. Whether it’s a new door lock or a metal bar for a window, everyone seeks the best available options. Allow us to introduce you to some of the most intelligent solutions.

An electric door strike is used on door frames for access control. It activates every time someone tries to open the door. When a person uses an ID card, a fingerprint, or enters a pin code, the system sends a signal to the electric strike. The electric strike is then released to grant access if this signal is correct. Choosing the appropriate electric door strike depends on a number of factors. You’ll need to define the type of configuration needed and the way you want to use this mechanism. As a leading-edge locksmith company, Sure Lock & Key is ready to answer any questions and provide any services you might need.

How do electric strikes work on doors

Let’s start with the basics. An electric door strike is connected directly to the device that receives the information from the pin lock, card, or other tools people use to open the door. The mechanism works when the person uses the correct signal, but the door remains locked if the signal is wrong. Generally, there are three configurations of electric strikes, so let’s run through the various types available and how they work.
Fail-secure: It’s also called fail-locked, and it is activated electronically. If the power is shut-down, the door will remain locked.
Fail-safe: With this type of electric strike, the lock has a reverse working principle. When power is applied, the electric door strike remains locked and unlocks when the power turns off. Such waves are used for stairwell doors and emergency exits. The mechanism will open during a fire alarm or other emergencies. It could be a signal from the command center or the consequence of a power failure as the facility de-energizes.
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Hold-open: With this type electric conduction is applied to the strike. It unlocks and remains unlocked until you use it. After usage, the strike goes back to the locked position.
With such a variety available, you can choose the residential electric strike to increase the level of protection significantly. If you don't know how to install the mechanism yourself, the best option is to look for a residential locksmith who will help you with installation.
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Are electric locks secure

Technological progress means that every single day new technological devices replace traditional ones. The locksmith industry is no exception. Electric locks are slowly taking over mechanical locks. However, are they as secure? They have many advantages and disadvantages, so it’s good to consider all of these points before deciding if an electric lock is suitable for you. Electric locks that require fingerprints, keycards, or codes for pin locks are safer in a way, because they can’t be forced open. However, they could be damaged by water or heat (unless they have resistance). Also, if you have electrical problems, the lock won't work until you restore the power. To avoid such issues, it might be good to consider additional backup security for your home.Intruders often have enough knowledge regarding new methods of breaking in to get through electric locks. So, after the installation of the electric strike, you need to take some measures that will make it resistant to different external factors.

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Benefits of electric strikes

The main benefit of the electric strike is that this mechanism keeps your home or office secure during a power outage (if we are talking about a fail-secure configuration). Make sure that the door strike plate matches the locking hardware you have installed already.
Another advantage of the electric strike is that you can connect it to the door bell. It means you can manage access to the building and unlock the door by simply pushing the button.
Another benefit of the electric strike is its easy and time-efficient installation. Of course, it depends on the model of the strike, and you may need to install additional components (wire run, electrified hinges, etc.) or modifications for door frames.
man opening a door
man opening a door

How to choose an electric strike lock

The electric strike door lock is an effective security device. However, choosing and installing the first available model might not be the best decision. So, it’s best to follow a list of requirements so that you make the right choice.
First, pay attention to the lockset. You may choose an electric strike according to the type of locksets. The device should accommodate deadbolt, deadlatch, and deadlock dimensions and positions. Try to follow the manufacturer’s manual and avoid any alterations.
Secondly, check what type of doors you have. If it’s a single door, the strike mounts to the frame. For a pair of doors, this mechanism could reach an inactive leaf or the mullion, ( a vertical bar between the panes of glass in the window). However, the electric strike is not required if both leaves are active on the double doors.
The third but not least important thing you should focus on when choosing the electric strike, is the door and frame material. With unique design elements, electric strikes accommodate wood, hollow metal, aluminum doors and frames. For wooden frames, you may need longer face plates to stabilize the mechanism. Make sure that the installation is done correctly. Hollow metal frames could be filled with grout to make the structure more solid. To make it easier, you may use an internal solenoid. With aluminum frames specifically, the glass could protrude into the frame. Make sure that you check the measurements to avoid any problematic situations. After all is said and done if any of this seems a bit too complicated, call a licensed and experienced local Locksmith.

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Summing up

Electric strike door lock could significantly increase the security level, not only for a single door but for a whole building. With it, you don’t have to worry about carrying keys all the time. However, even if you know how it works, you still need to make sure it is properly installed. If you consider all the details, and it seems difficult it could be a wise idea to call a professional locksmith. Sure Lock & Key might be an excellent option! We’re a team of professionals with over 35 years of experience. We’re ready to assist you at any time. Are you looking for an electric strike installation expert? Give us a call!

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