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How can I improve my front door security

Did you know that most criminals use a front door to get inside your property? When it's not secured properly, your house automatically becomes an easy target for intruders.

Sure Lock & Key has dealt with break-in consequences for years and we know how stressful a situation like that can be. After all this time, we figured out what the weakest points in terms of door security are and we want to present you with some measures on how to improve them. Follow our simple little guide to learn more about this subject.

Why is front door security so important

Unfortunately, break-in statistics keep growing every year. Usually, criminals use your front door or windows to enter your property. Even though it's the most obvious, it's still the easiest way to get inside a house. Most criminals don't spend hours creating their break-in strategy.
Keep in mind that the biggest fear of any intruder is getting caught. That's why they try not to spend more than a few minutes trying to open the front door. Otherwise, they'll get noticed. If your front door is secured properly, that time won't be enough to break it. Technically strong front door security brings the possibility of a break-in to a minimum.

Install a better door

One of the factors that influence your front door security is the quality of the door itself. Which type is the most solid and secure?
It's always better to choose a door that consists of sturdy materials that can withstand various attacks. To be honest, there's no point in getting a fully decorative door, as it offers only one advantage – a beautiful appearance. However, it can easily be broken by using brutal force. If you understand that your front door is not really strong enough, consider replacing it with a new one.
Also, even where your door was made with high quality materials leaving you feeling secure, if, in time, you notice it's getting old and worn out, it's another sign for replacement.

Upgrade the locks

Another feature that plays a huge role in your home security is the lock you use for your front door. In general, no other security measures will be really effective without a quality functional lock.
If you know that your front door lock is not really secure or it's worn out and not fully functional, then it's definitely time to upgrade it. Today, there are so many lock types out on the market you can choose from. If you prefer mechanical locks, you can always go with a deadbolt lock which is considered to be one of the strongest and most secure ones. On the other hand, if you are a technology lover, a smart lock can be a perfect option for you. It's almost impossible to pick or break. You can connect it to your smartphone and control it from anywhere and anytime.
electronic lock
electronic lock

Get longer set screws

This step is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ones when it comes to enhancing your front door security. Most doors are equipped with ¾-inch screws that hold the hinges and a strike plate. Consider replacing all of them with longer 3-inch set screws. You're probably curious how exactly it'll influence your door security. Basically, it'll make your door stronger and it'll more likely resist a physical attack. With these set screws, it will be much harder to kick the door out.

Install a door chain and a deadbolt

A door chain is not the most effective safety measure, but it's still a great addition to your home security. Some criminals look for unlocked doors and simply push them in order to get in. A quality door chain can restrict movement and prevent intruders from opening your door. Plus, this option is pretty cheap.
If you combine it with a deadbolt, it will provide your door with double locking in a way.

Monitor your door

More and more people use home security systems to enhance the level of protection. Usually, these systems are equipped with cameras, alarms, motion detectors, etc.
Consider installing one of the cameras outside your front door. First of all, it'll act as a strong crime deterrent because, as we already mentioned, all intruders are scared of being caught. Even if they ignore the camera and try to break into your house anyways, you'll be notified about it immediately. Most modern cameras can be connected to your smartphone. That way, you have the possibility to monitor your property 24/7, even if you're far away. However, if you don't want to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional security company.
If you like the idea of door monitoring, don't hesitate to use professional residential locksmith to equip your house with a security system.
installing a new deadbolt
installing a new deadbolt

Summing up

Your front door is the main entry point to your house, not only for you but for criminals as well. The stronger the security of your front door, the less the possibility the intruder will manage to get. All you need to do is purchase a solid qualitative door, equip it with a high-security lock and add a camera for monitoring. This combination will significantly increase your security.
If you have any more questions regarding security or you need professional assistance, Sure Lock & Key is more than happy to provide it.

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