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Guidelines for Securing Your Shed

Getting access to the shed is much easier than to the owner's house. Therefore, it is quite logical that a shed can become an easy target for thieves. Usually, in addition to various unnecessary things that are a pity to throw away, like bicycles and lawnmowers, various repair tools that cost a lot of money are stored there.

Also, the tools owners leave in their sheds can help thieves easily break into the house. They are usually easy to get to because most sheds have an old, unreliable lock and a fragile roof.

To avoid becoming a victim of thieves, it's essential to take care of the security of your shed. Strong locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other devices are important attributes of your shed security system. Read more about them in our blog post.


The first line of defense for your shed is a quality lock. To choose it properly, you need to consider several criteria.
First of all, locks must be resistant to weather conditions. Since the lock will be constantly outside, it should not be vulnerable to rain, snow, or hail. Unfortunately, many padlocks rust over time and become more vulnerable to breaking.
The second criterion is the material of your lock. It is best to choose locks made of hardened steel, as this metal is more difficult to cut with a bolt cutter.
The last thing to pay your attention to is the lock's shackle. A closed shackle is more difficult to cut, so it is better to choose a lock of this type.
You can also install a grate or a door barricade to improve your shed door security.
shed lock
shed lock


Most often, sheds do not have windows, but if yours does, it's vital to take care of their safety.
The first and most important rule is always to close the windows. The biggest temptation for a thief can be what they see through the window. It's better to install frosted glass or hang curtains that make it impossible to see what is stored inside.
It is also important to do your best to make your window difficult to break. You can install unbreakable glass made of styrene or use special window grilles.
shed windows
shed windows


Good lighting always scares away thieves. Most of them are used to working at night. It's more convenient because the thief can go unnoticed if the homeowner hasn't installed bright lights.
Usually, sheds are located in the most remote places of the plot. The lighting from the house may not reach them, so it is important to take care of the lighting around the shed. A good option is a security light with motion detectors.

Security cameras

A surveillance camera is an important component of any home security system. If you are aware of what modern technology has brought to the market in order to improve security, then you know you can install a camera with motion detection. It will stream images directly to your phone. Then, even when you're away from home, you can remotely monitor your valuable items stored in the shed. If you're thinking about installing this device, you might need professional security services.

Security alarm

Your shed can also be connected to a home alarm system, but only some people choose this option. Often, homeowners buy a basic battery-powered alarm system. It is inexpensive and less powerful but may be enough for a shed.
However, you can install a more sophisticated shed security alarm system if you want. It can likely save your shed from criminals.

Other devices

In addition to all the common components of a reliable security system, many homeowners use wired or wireless security devices. Wireless devices require battery replacement but will work without a power source. All they need is a strong Wi-Fi signal. Wired devices need to be connected to a power source to operate.
When choosing such devices, it is important to consider that they must be waterproof. They should not be susceptible to rain and hail, this will keep you calmer in knowing they will not fail at the most unexpected moment.

Summing Up

In general, the security of your shed is no less important than the security of your home. If you want to ensure that the things you store inside will be safe, call Sure Lock & Key. We can help you consider all aspects of your shed security system and ensure your valuables are properly protected.

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