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Various Padlocks Types

A padlock is the oldest security method in the world. The first mention of it can be found in the history of the Roman Empire. Back then, the simplest versions of it were used. Nowadays, different types of padlocks on the market can satisfy any consumer's needs. A traditional padlock is made of metal in the shape of the letter "U," and typically, it is used to lock fences or doors. However, some of them are utilized on lockers in gyms or swimming pools or installed on suitcases to keep your belongings safe while traveling. To learn more about their types and features, keep reading our blog post.

How does a padlock work?

The padlock has a simple operating mechanism. To open the lock, the key must be inserted into the tumbler (the U-shaped shackle of the lock). Then it has to be turned, and the shackle pops out from one end, thus opening the lock.
Inside the lock is a special mechanism that fixes the lock in the grooves on the shackle and does not allow you to pull it out when it is locked.
In addition, there are pins inside the lock body that have different heights. When the lock owner inserts the key, they align so the barrel can be turned.
A padlock's security level depends on the material it is made of. For example, a brass lock is easier to break than a hardened steel lock.

Closed shackle padlocks

Padlocks often become a target for thieves because they can be easily cut with special saws. Manufacturers have developed a closed shackle padlock to prevent such destruction. Unlike a traditional padlock, it has a body that covers most of the shackle. It makes it more difficult to break in. The shackle of this type of lock is not visible, as in a traditional lock. Actually, the installation of a padlock is a frequent requirement of insurance companies. The biggest advantage of this type of lock over a traditional lock is additional security.

Straight shackle padlocks

This type of lock differs from the traditional one in its shape. Instead of a U-shaped shackle, this lock has a straight one. Such a lock's operation principle is no different from the usual one. It is slightly smaller, and its locking shackle is straight, so it is less likely to be damaged. Usually, a straight shackle padlock is a convenient option for roller shutters in shops or warehouses. However, they are often used to protect trucks, container doors, or other commercial premises.

Round shackle padlocks

Round shackle locks are now very common among consumers. Unlike the conventional shackle, the shackle of these locks encompasses the entire circumference of the lock. The key holder is located in the center and the body of these locks is not solid, so the mechanism is inside two round bodies forming a disk. This type of lock is considered to be quite reliable and of high quality.
Round shackle padlock with keys
Round shackle padlock with keys

Combination padlocks

Combination locks are locks that require a code to be activated. They are often used for lockers or suitcases. Such locks have both their advantages and significant disadvantages. They are usually used when many people need access to one thing. For example, these can be lockers in a gym or swimming pool. Their greatest convenience is that the code combination can be changed many times. Besides, you won't need to carry keys to open the lock. The main disadvantage is that such locks are vulnerable to break-ins. They are less reliable than all the previous options, and insurance companies usually do not cover property protected by such locks.
Combination padlock on table
Combination padlock on table

Digital padlock

Digital locks can also be opened without a key. It is similar to a combination lock in that you might need to press several digital buttons to open it. To unlock this lock, you might have to enter a pre-set digital code that the owner must memorize. Digital locks can also be connected to your phone and unlocked directly through a special application.

Summing up

Thus, padlocks are a good means of security for your property. There are many types of them to suit any need or budget. Depending on the level of security or the category of property you want to protect, you can choose the most suitable type of padlock. If you need help choosing, please contact us. Sure Lock & Key has provided quality locksmith and security services for over 35 years, so we can quickly and easily find the padlock that will meet your needs.

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