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Complete security for industrial complexes

The security industry has developed drastically in the last few years. Combined U.S. private and public sector spending on security is projected to exceed $1 trillion in the coming decade. Experts compare this trend to Cold War military spending. Security systems are required in all industrial areas, especially those with a high risk of intrusion and information leakage. If you're considering installing a security system, you've come to the right place. Sure Lock & Key has extensive experience and expertise in installing security systems and offers efficient security systems maintenance for all industrial facilities.

How do you ensure security in a warehouse?

Warehouse security is important for any modern business that deals with hardware products. Everything from theft prevention, access control, video surveillance, fire protection to disaster recovery, data protection, and environmental monitoring need to be considered. The days when a facility manager contracted with one service provider or vendor for each risk category and hired them to install the security systems are over. As manufacturers, distributors and retailers seek to streamline supply chain processes, warehouses transform into highly automated centers equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.
Warehouse security allows you to cover all the room's vulnerable areas. That includes gates and warehouse doors.
However, warehouse theft prevention is not only about securing entrances and exits, it also protects your equipment and other material goods. It's always preferable to take some preventive measures rather than deal with an actual theft. Make sure you've secured the exterior gates, that you have a reliable alarm system, and employee identification. Also, ensure that your staff knows how to act in case of theft.
security system keypad
security system keypad

Why is there a need for a security system in industrial buildings?

Security systems are essential for any building. They ensure the safety of your material goods, valuable information, and your personal safety as well. Commercial real estate, airports, retail stores, industrial plants, medical facilities, energy, oil, gas companies, and residential complexes require unique security and safety measures, as each property type is subject to different hazards.
In addition to securing material assets, it is essential to protect equipment, personnel, visitors, and information. Providing a secure environment and protecting commercial property and resources has become one of the most studied topics among property owners and managers. Sure Lock & Key is an expert in installing advanced security systems for residential and commercial properties, and we can examine and evaluate your structure's current security plan. After identifying security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, we can begin installing an advanced office building security system for your facility. We offer all kinds of security services, so you're free to choose the one you need.

Best Commercial Building Security Systems

Now many companies offer security systems that meet the specific needs of commercial spaces. Compared to residential security systems, commercial security systems in buildings should be more advanced, as they are used to keep track of a large number of people that enter and leave the building. Installing a decent lock, alarm, and surveillance cameras is enough to secure a residential building, but it won't work for commercial space. The best security systems for commercial buildings are:
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  • Access control: Access control systems allow you to control who can enter office buildings and commercial spaces. Combined with video surveillance cameras, they help to monitor what's going on in key areas of your office.
  • Alarm systems: Office security alarm systems can notify the staff and security if any criminal activity occurs. You can link the alarm directly to the door locking mechanism.
  • Emergency and fire safety systems: Commercial building security systems require proper fire safety. So, you need to install a fire alarm system and fire detectors.
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  • Cybersecurity systems: Your network is vulnerable to hacker attacks, so you might consider installing a cybersecurity system. This allows you to protect valuable data. Commercial cybersecurity systems include anti-virus software, data encryption, traffic monitoring, and firewall protection.
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Summing up

Providing security in commercial buildings can be a challenge. Multi-tenant, multi-site offices require a comprehensive, integrated approach to security that meets your needs while meeting security standards. Whether you're starting from scratch or with the complexity of existing equipment on your network, security upgrades can seem like an overwhelming task. That's why our company takes the time to analyze your safety needs, focusing on overall safety comprehensively, the workforce involved, and the overall budget. We then offer recommendations that improve safety while reducing costs and labor through a careful combination of technology and human factors.

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