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What Is A Commercial Locksmith

If you recently became a business owner, then you need to learn who a commercial locksmith is, and how this person can help you. Or maybe you have just decided to start a business, then it won’t harm to learn a little bit more about commercial locksmiths and the benefits they can give you. We in Sure Lock & Key want to answer your questions about this type of locksmiths to help you make up your mind, so you will be able to choose the right one for your business.

What Does A Commercial Locksmith Do

Unfortunately, no business can be 100% safe. There’s always a possibility of burglary or theft. Sometimes business owners think that if they have a small family enterprise, they are safe because thieves aren’t interested in such a small fish. And sometimes big company owners think that they are safe because thieves won’t have enough courage to rob such a significant player. Both of them are wrong. And a professional locksmith is necessary if you want to avoid intrusion or burglary.
Being one of the oldest professions, locksmiths have developed multiple options for your security and safety. Modern issues need modern solutions, and professional locksmiths indeed know them. There’s no doubt you know who a locksmith is. Probably you have had a situation when a locksmith helped you out. But thinking that a locksmith is good only for locks replacement and installation seriously reduces your security options. Did you know that there are special locksmiths for businesses known as commercial locksmiths?
Commercial locksmiths have skills and knowledge on how to make your business exceptionally safe. They can offer you a wide range of the most suitable for your case options for protecting your enterprise against robbery, ranging from a classical solution like a master key system to modern and technically advanced keypads.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you’ve reached this point of our blog post, you know that in case of some accidents with your business security you need to call a business locksmith. But let’s clear up what services a business owner can get.
Here is a list of the most common commercial locksmith services:
As you can see, you have different options. But to avoid unpleasant consequences such as a badly cutted key, incorrectly chosen or a cheap and unstable key blank, etc, you should use only a licensed locksmith. In case you can’t use a locksmith company for key cutting right now, please reach out to it afterward to exclude mentioned above issues. Especially, if you’ve got your key using a self-service kiosk.
  • Business safe installation, replacement, combination changing, lockout
  • Lock installation, replacement or repair
  • Commercial padlocks installation or replacement
  • Panic bars installation, repair or replacement
many keys on the wall
  • Keypad installation and maintenance
  • Master key system
  • Lockouts
  • Rekeying
many keys on the wall

Business Safe Installation, Replacement, Combination Changing, Lockout

A commercial safe became an obligatory part of every business. It’s an extremely secure box where you can store not only your money but also valuable documents, information, trading secrets, expensive equipment, etc. Inside the correctly installed safe, your assets will be protected from theft, fire, and flood.
If you already have one, you may experience a safe lockout. You probably won’t damage the safe or your assets inside it by trying to open it yourself, but you won’t open it either. Being designed to remain closed in any situation, a safe can’t be open without experience, skills, and special tools. So, calling a commercial locksmith is the only solution. Here you can find a professional locksmith in your location.

Lock Installation, Replacement Or Repair

This is the most common and requested service. As a business owner, you may need to call a locksmith for new lock installation because of different reasons. The old ones may be worn out, it may take a long time to open or lock the door, they aren’t safe enough anymore, etc. Also, you need a new lock if one of your employees lost the key. That is a type of situation where other options are not recommended since you never know where the old key may be or who can get it.
Also, we can’t exclude a lock breakage. Lock repair is another common service, and your locksmith should describe to you all the options and possible consequences.
two locksmith change doorknob
two locksmith change doorknob

Panic Bars Installation, Replacement Or Repair

A panic bar is a device that not only eases the exit but also helps to maintain your commercial door in proper condition for a long time. It’s a perfect solution for the building with a constant stream of people coming and going. If you’re tired of permanent door repair, you should consider installing this device. As a bonus, a door equipped with a panic bar doesn’t have to be also equipped with a doorknob on every side. If there’s no need to enter the door on the outside, then there’s no need to install a doorknob. The lock absence excludes the possibility of intrusion.
Also, we can’t exclude a lock breakage. Lock repair is another common service, and your locksmith should describe to you all the options and possible consequences.

Master Key System

A commercial locksmith can help you to avoid carrying a huge bunch of keys for every lock in your building. Every time you need to open some door asap, but can’t find the right key, you should consider getting a master key system. Sometimes customers aren’t too excited about this service thinking that the security of the building will decrease dramatically. That’s not true. The master key system doesn’t affect the security of your business, on the contrary, it helps, since unauthorized key copying won’t be possible anymore.
master key in a lock
master key in a lock


Yes, lockouts can happen even to business locks. There’s no chance to protect yourself against this misfortune. The only way to get that door open is to call a local commercial locksmith.


That’s also a great option for the lost key. Rekeying commercial locks, a locksmith changes not the whole lock but only its parts, so the old key won’t work anymore. This process requires a deep understanding of the lock’s mechanisms, accuracy, and skills. Usually, a locksmith before starting rekeying or replacing, let you know what option is more suitable for your case.

Digital Lock Installation And Maintenance

One of the most popular ways to increase security and safety nowadays. There’s no physical key that can be lost, copied, or stolen. You can enter the building using a card or an app on your phone. A keyless door entry system has lots of useful advantages. Being equipped with an intercom and camera, gives you an opportunity to see what is happening around your building’s door.
Digital lock installation and maintenance
Digital lock installation and maintenance

Commercial Padlocks Installation Or Replacement

A commercial padlock remains a popular way of protection. You can use it for your employees’ or customers’ lockers, to store some important documents or assets when safe installation isn’t possible, to lock buildings or warehouses, etc. Your commercial locksmith will help you to choose the right one and with its further installation.

The Best Commercial Locksmith

As you can see, the list of commercial locksmith services is really long nowadays. Not all the companies can offer you all of them, so you need to find the one that is the most suitable for you. If you don’t have a positive experience with locksmiths, you can read our blog post on how to choose the best locksmith.