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Signs Your Locks are Failing

If we lived in a perfect world, everything would work correctly and never fail. Unfortunately, or thankfully, the world is full of imperfections. A broken lock might be a problem, but not if you know how to act. A lock that seems like it’s going to fail might not become a problem at all if you know what to do. However, how can one figure out that something is going to fail? Don’t you need appropriate knowledge to ensure that a lock is indeed close to breakdown? Yes, you need them. That’s why we’re here. After more than three decades of experience in the locksmith and security industry, we know everything there’s to know about locks, how they work, how they should be treated, and how they shouldn’t. We feel like it’s time to share our knowledge with everyone who needs it. After all, locks and keys are an important part of our lives, so why not learn a bit more about them? Let’s dive in!

How do you know if you messed with your lock

Lock issues are more common than you might think. They happen all the time for different reasons, even to the best of us. Sometimes, you can save time and money predicting the oncoming issue. Besides, they might break at the most inconvenient time, so by foreseeing the future problem, your plans will remain in effect. So, the first rule we want to suggest is – better react to every small detail of how your locks work. React to weird sounds, small problems with opening and closing, etc. Your front door lock is your first, and sometimes the only, lever of protection. If you feel it doesn’t work well, call a locksmith without delay. Probably it’s not too late, and you will save money and not need a new lock.
So, how to understand that your lock is going to break soon? Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to pay attention to.
  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • You hear weird sounds, squeaks, scratches, etc.
  • You can see rust on the lock
  • Handles or other parts of the lock loosed
  • Your lock is misaligned
  • If that matches how your lock operates, you may need residential locksmith services.
    lock door change
    lock door change

    How often do locks need to be replaced

    People usually pay little attention to their locks until they stop working. However, with regular maintenance and a caring attitude, a lock can serve much longer. Think of it like it’s a marathon and not a sprint. However, sometimes there are situations where you can’t do without lock replacement. First of all, if you become a victim of burglary, it’s better to replace the lock. This time it’s advisable to think about a lock with a higher level of protection. You may also go further and get a home security system or use some budget tips to make your home more secure.
    door lock replace
    Another reason to replace the lock is when you’ve moved into a new house. You can never know who has spare keys from your new home. Replacement is also an option if you want to ensure you’re the only person with access to the house after a breakup or when your neighbors leave.
    If everything works as it should, there are no signs of oncoming breakage and you take care of your locks, then replacing them just in case might not be needed. However, if you have doubts, ask your locksmith to check everything.
    door lock replace

    How long do house locks last

    Getting a new lock, we usually expect it to work forever. No wonder locks symbolize strength and constancy. However, everything breaks and wears out eventually. How long will your house lock last? That depends on many factors. The cheaper the lock is, the less time it will operate. The more devastating your usage is, the sooner you will need a new one. Even climate has an impact.
    If you see old locks which work for many years, you have to understand that it is so because owners care about them. So, if you want to use a door lock longer, you may take our suggestions.
    clean door lock
    • Clean your door lock. Do it every two-three months with a spray to eliminate dirt and debris.
    • Use only proper cleaning materials. They were created especially for locks; you could do worse using inappropriate materials.
    • Avoid unnecessary force. Your locks are strong, but if you're slamming them, they might break faster.
    clean door lock

    Summing up

    Door locks are sturdy, but they can’t withstand every challenge we have for them. It would be wise to take care of them if you want to use them for as long as possible. You will see if something works wrong, and it will be better to fix it immediately. As a locksmith company with over thirty-five years of experience, we know how to take care of a lock. Sure Lock & Key is always happy to resolve any of your lock issues. Just give us a call!

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