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All You Wanted To Know About Transponder Keys

Transponder car keys are one of the most common car keys. Being introduced a few decades ago, they still remain one of the most secure and easy-to-use keys. Thousands and thousands of people use them every day. But how many of them know all the advantages such a key has? How many of them know how to treat such a key right? If you’re an owner of a transponder car key, you’re in the right place. Maybe it’s the exact time to learn more about transponder car keys? Sure Lock & Key is your reliable helper when it comes to any automotive locksmith service or information about them!

What A Transponder Car Key Is

Transponder car keys are among the car keys such as smart keys, key fobs, card keys, etc, the latest ones. However, they maintain the traditional key appearance we’re accustomed to. This slight difference that makes them a part of the car’s security system is the chip installed in their bow. This chip inside the key transmits a signal to the immobilizer system installed in the ignition. And if the signal is correct, the engine will start. Every chip has been programmed by the manufacturer to match the receiver. Immobilizer systems can be of different kinds. Some of them don’t allow the engine to start at all if the signal the key sends isn’t correct. Some of them allow it to start only for a few seconds and then shut down. But in any case, there’s no chance someone will start your car without the appropriate key. Also, transponder car keys solved another very common issue. If you’re the owner of such a key, you can stop stressing about locking your key in the car since it’s impossible. Being bound by the immobilizer system and the chip, your car “knows” that the key is still inside.

Why Is A Transponder Car Key More Secure Than A Regular Car Key

The introduction of transponder car keys decreased the level of car thefts. Thanks to them, such methods of hijacking as rendering ‘hot wiring’ or breaking the ignition lock become pointless. In contrast to a car with a regular car key, a car that uses a transponder key won’t start without detecting an appropriate key with a unique serial number. This code works as bitings of the standard key. If a key has only a few cuts, the chip in its turn creates lots of potential combinations. However, cars equipped with transponder keys at some point ceased to be unbreakable. So, nowadays we have lots of other more thieve-proof keys, but transponder keys were the base for all of them, and they still remain one of the best car keys we have.
transponder car key
transponder car key

Can I Get A Copy Of A Transponder Key And How Much Does It Cost

Lots of people have troubles when it comes to the transponder key duplication. Whom they should call? Who can help? A professional automotive locksmith can help. Whether you need a transponder key replacement or reprogramming, you can call your local locksmith. We use the same equipment your car dealership uses, so the key you get is the same as the original.
The question “How much does a transponder key cost?” is one of the most common questions we hear every day. Transponder car key replacement has some features, and the price depends on lots of factors. This process takes two steps. First of all, we have to cut a key that will turn your car’s locks and ignition. Then we have to program it, so it will start the engine. There are two kinds of factors that affect the final price. Your car’s make, model, and year have a huge impact. Also, the time of the day when you need service, your location affects the price. Emergency service always costs more than the one provided during business hours.
Sometimes people don’t need to replace the whole key. They just need to reprogram the key. That means that the signal it transmits is too weak or due to some reasons is incorrect now. And a locksmith using special equipment can make your key work again. As a rule, transponder car key reprogramming costs less than the whole key replacement. If you want to learn more about how pricing in the locksmith industry works, you can read our blog post about how much a locksmith costs.

How To Use And Store A Transponder Key Correctly

A transponder car key, like any other car key with chips inside, requires a gentle and careful attitude. It was designed to be durable, but nothing is careless proof. So, don’t throw it once you enter the house. Even if you’re in a hurry, even if you’re tired. Would be nice to have a well-organized place to store all of your keys. That helps to avoid mess and losses. Another important thing about transponder key storage is the place. It must be kept somewhere safe, obviously, and somewhere dry with the normal humidity level. What is even more important, you shouldn’t leave your key where it would be exposed to electrical impulses. Such a long exposure has serious implications. If mechanical damage is easy to detect, the damage. And obviously, you shouldn’t use it in an aggressive way. Insert and turn it gently. And it would be nice if you didn’t cling too big and too heavy keychains to your key. It will damage not only the key itself but also the ignition. To get a copy of a bent key is not a big deal, but ignition repair depending on your car’s make, year, and model can be a hard task and can take a long time.

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