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What is a handleset

It's hard to imagine a door without a lock and a handle that we're all used to. Without a compilation of lock and handle, which is called a handleset, the door becomes just a leaf of wood or metal with no practical purpose. Needless to say, about the importance of handlesets. Not only do they provide a premise with security, but they also add a unique style and highlight to the interior of your building.

So, what are the types of handlesets? Do they influence the security level in your building? We gathered a lot of information about handlesets and want to share our knowledge with you. So, keep reading to learn more.

Features of door handlesets

So, what are the main features of a handleset? Basically, a door handleset consists of a handle and a locking mechanism. It allows you to lock and unlock the door and easily access the building. It looks pretty similar on both sides of the door. Usually, when we talk about the front door, one side of the handleset is equipped with the lock, the other one ‒ with the latch. Most handlesets for interior doors come with latches.
Another lock type that way can't miss out on is a smart lock. This type of lock can significantly enhance your security. The main difference between traditional and smart locks is the fact that you don't need a physical key to operate your lock. However, they're still equipped with some kind of a handleset.
Usually, smart locks require a key fob, magnetic card, code combination, or some kind of biometric to enter. They come with different handles, and the style of those handles usually depends on the door type, its material, and the purpose it serves. Most of the keypad locks are equipped with regular levers or knobs. However, some of them have more complex and secure handles.
Before choosing a handleset, we recommend you consider several important characteristics. Besides the appearance, it's reasonable to check the quality of the handleset and all of its parts. For example, a lever and a lock may be produced from quality material but not the inner plates. So, it's important to check them before purchasing. Also, figure out whether a handleset has a warranty and what its period is. Another important feature to look for is corrosion resistance, especially if you choose a handleset for your front door. As the weather changes, there is a risk a coating may begin to rust and peel off, so you would have to replace it. It becomes even more difficult if the water gets inside the locking mechanism, as it may cause internal damage.
woman clean a handleset door
As you can see, a handleset is a simple and, at the same time, complicated system that requires proper maintenance. So, in case something happens and you'll need to replace your door handleset, you may use professional assistance. Feel free to call a house locksmith to help you with this challenge.
woman clean a handleset door

Types of door handlesets

Now, let's look at some of the handlesets types that are used today. The four most popular types of handlesets are double-sided, two-point, mortise lock handles, and emergency egress (interconnect).
  • The main word that defines a double-sided handleset is grip. These sets have a structure where a grip is placed on both sides of the door. A double-sided handleset is rare but looks good on almost every door type.
  • Two-point lock handlesets provide the highest level of protection. As you can understand from the name, it requires two locks. Needless to say, such a handleset type also requires a pair of keys to open every lock, which may become a disadvantage for people who don't like carrying a bunch of keys with them.
  • Mortise lock handlesets are known for fitting unique door styles. They look perfect on antique and classic doors. However, their lockboxes have a specific structure, so they may not go with some of the most common doors.
  • Emergency egress handleset is considered to be the most convenient one. When one wishes for it to be unlocked, it requires the lever to be pulled out, which can be very helpful in case of emergencies. These handlesets are mostly used for commercial properties like hospitals or office buildings.

Summing up

A handleset is a complex construction, the main function of which is keeping your place secure. Different types, styles, and features of handlesets allow you to choose the most optimal one for your property. If there are still any questions left, don't hesitate to ask. Sure Lock & Key will gladly respond to them and assist you with the installation process of this complex system.

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