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What is a dome-type camera

Can you proudly say that your home is your castle? What makes it a fortress? Is there something you would like to add to make it even more impregnable? CCTV cameras may be the final touch or the first step when trying to upgrade your home's security level.

There are at least two options to choose from when getting security cameras – dome cameras or bullet cameras. Dome cameras got their name due to their circular dome shape. Usually, you can find them mounted to ceilings inside buildings. Bullet cameras got their names from their cylindrical shape. As a rule, you can find them on walls inside and outside.

However, when you're done with that choice, you will have to go deeper and choose which type of dome or bullet cameras you would like. Let's take a closer look at dome cameras, their main features, disadvantages and main types of this kind of cameras. Sure Lock & Key is always happy and ready to make all the complicated things about security services as clear as possible to you!

Pros and cons of dome cameras

Stop for a moment and think when was the last time you saw a dome camera? Exactly. They are much easier to hide. However, some people who believe the main function of a security camera is to be a strong thief detergent might recognize this feature as a disadvantage. Dome cameras are a great solution for hotel lobbies, business centers, stores, etc. Their discreet design perfectly blends with the surroundings attracting less attention, so they don't make people feel nervous about being observed. Additionally, they don't have a huge effect on the interior design, which may be crucial for historic buildings.
Dome cameras provide a wide-angle viewing. You can cover a larger perimeter and will need fewer devices for one building. Some would say that dome cameras concede to bullet cameras on footage quality. It's true, but you need to consider the fact that dome cameras were mainly designed for internal use, so they don't need it in the first place.
The actual camera is hidden and protected inside the dome. The bad news is that the shell might collect grease, dust and fingerprints. However, this round is on dome cameras as they left no chance to spiders, unlike bullet cameras. Still, it's advisable to clean any security camera from time to time. Additionally, vandals are less effective with dome cameras too. Many of them come with vandal-resisting ratings. It would be impossible to point a dome camera in another direction and breaking it is no easy task.
Indoor surveillance security camera
As we mentioned before, dome cameras are mainly used for indoor security, which is determined by many factors, not only their footage resolution. First of all, you need a ceiling to get it mounted. However, you may freely install them on your porch, for example. They will work just fine outdoors because they are waterproof.
Probably, the main disadvantage of dome cameras is that they are hard to install. The process takes time and requires appropriate tools and skills. Moreover, once you decide to put them in another place, it might be another burdensome task, so it's advisable to go for professional security services to save time and keep your ceilings undamaged.
Indoor surveillance security camera

Types of dome cameras

Today, the market is full of CCTV cameras of many types. Everyone can find a camera for their specific needs and preferences. We want to present you with a quick overview of the main types of dome cameras based on our more than three-decades of experience in the industry.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) dome cameras allow you to monitor large areas and remotely adjust zoom and lens direction. For example, if you see something or someone suspicious in the far corner, you can zoom and check what exactly is going on there. This type of camera is great for interior use in public spaces with a high number of visitors, like business centers, hotel lobbies, stations, parking lots, etc.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) dome cameras are very easy to install. They require a single Ethernet cable to power the camera and launch it to the network.
Security speed dome CCTV
  • Outdoor Dome Cameras are great for preventing vandalism and theft. However, it's advisable to choose a camera with infrared illuminators, so its benefits won't end after the sun goes down.
  • 4K Dome Cameras provide a high resolution and unbelievable levels of detail, which is particularly good for retail stores where security personnel need to check everything carefully.
Security speed dome CCTV

Summing Up

It's never too late or early to take care of your security, whether we speak about your home or business premises. It may scare you a little because there will be many things to consider and many questions to answer before choosing the best security cameras. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to assist you throughout the whole process. We will help you to avoid pitfalls, not be stuck with choosing one camera over the other and provide you with all the needed information for keeping your building safe.

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