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What's better, dome or bullet cameras

We can all agree that the security of your building, whether it’s a house or an office, is extremely important. Today, there are so many different tools and devices that can help you enhance your security level. One of the most popular options is CCTV cameras. These devices allow you to monitor your property 24/7. Many of them can be connected directly to your smartphone, so you can easily look at what’s going on inside your building from anywhere. Plus, most cameras are now equipped with motion detectors, so they notify you about any suspicious activity.

However, choosing the best camera for your needs might not be the easiest task, considering the number of options available. So, to make the decision a bit easier for you, we created a little guide on the two most popular camera types – bullet cameras and dome cameras. Keep reading to learn more about both options.

What are bullet cameras

First of all, let’s define what a bullet camera is and what features it can offer you. Bullet cameras received their name based on their cylindrical shape that looks like a bullet. These cameras are widely used in outdoor spaces. You can often see them in parking lots, malls, schools, airports, hospitals, etc. These cameras provide a high-quality picture at a long distance. Some of the main advantages are
  • Bullet cameras are really easy to install, as they have a handle that can be used for mounting. Also, they can be easily repositioned.
  • These cameras are perfect for outdoors, as they have a cover over their lens that makes them weatherproof. Bullet cameras are quite bulky, so they are quite noticeable. That makes them a strong crime deterrent.
  • Bullet cameras are equipped with infrared vision. So, even late at night, you’ll receive an image of the highest quality.
outdoor bullet camera
outdoor bullet camera

What are dome cameras

Now, let’s discuss some of the features and benefits of a dome camera. Probably all of you have seen these cameras somewhere, as they’re extremely common. This type of camera looks like a sphere that is covered with a plastic dome. They can be used both inside and outside. You can often see them in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, banks and houses.
  • Dome cameras are pretty small, so it’s easy to find a location to install them. You can blend them in with the environment and make them kind of invisible.
  • They are designed to be installed on a ceiling and they allow to cover a wide area, as dome cameras can rotate 360º.
  • They are resistant to bad weather conditions and vandalism. Dome cameras can’t be dismantled without professional tools.
  • Also, dome cameras provide night vision and high resolution, so you’ll have a high-quality image.
dome garage camera
dome garage camera

Main difference between bullet and dome cameras

We discussed some of the features bullet cameras and dome cameras could offer you. Now, let’s look at which aspects they differ.
  • First of all, even though both cameras can be used both inside and outside, dome cameras are mostly installed inside the buildings and bullet ones are installed in outer spaces.
  • The installation process of dome cameras is more complicated than with bullet cameras, so you might need professional security services to complete this task.
  • Bullet cameras provide a longer range than dome cameras. However, dome cameras can fully rotate.
  • Another obvious difference is the size and shape. Dome cameras are way smaller than bullet ones.

Which one to choose

Both these cameras have their own pros and cons and they’ll provide your property with a high level of security. So, which one is better? Which one to choose?
Before making a decision, it’s essential to define the purpose of your future camera.
  • So, for example, if you want to cover a large area, it’s better to use a bullet camera.
  • However, if you need a wide angle, consider getting a dome camera.
  • If you want your camera not to be visible, then you’ll need a dome camera, as bullet cameras are quite bulky.
  • If you live in an area with poor weather conditions, it’s better to get a bullet camera.

Summing up

We can all agree that a qualitative security camera is a great way to protect your property. However, it might be quite hard to decide which one suits your needs more. So, we created this little guide on bullet cameras and dome cameras and hope you find it helpful. If you have any more questions about any of these cameras or you need assistance with the installation, Sure Lock & Key is ready to help. So don’t hesitate to call us!

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