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What is a cruciform lock

There are so many different lock types out on the market today for all kinds of purposes. Probably all of us are familiar with deadbolts and padlocks but not with some other lock types that are not as widely used. It's practically impossible to know all the details about every lock if you're not a professional technician. However, it might be good to learn more about the lock type you're about to purchase.

Today we want to discuss in more detail what a cruciform lock is, it's working principles, usage, features and benefits. If you're thinking about purchasing this lock type, you might find this information helpful. Let's dive in.

How does a cruciform lock work

This type of lock has many labels. It is either called a cruciform lock because of its shape or a Zeiss lock by the person that invented it. If you take a look at the keyhole, you'll see it is shaped like a cross.
This lock type has a similar working principle to a pin-tumbler lock. A cruciform lock has four shear lines with a set of pins for each of them. An average version of this lock has 16 pins, but you can get a more secure one with 20 pins. Because of that, this lock is much harder to pick, as it'll take too much time dealing with all these pins.
transparent crucifrom lock
However, it's really important to check whether this type of lock is high quality, as many manufacturers produce a cheap version that can offer you nothing more than false protection.
transparent crucifrom lock

Usage of cruciform lock

We defined what a cruciform lock or how it is also called a cross lock, looks like and how it operates. Now, you probably are curious about where these locks are mostly used.
One of their most common uses is securing the steering wheel. It will prevent your car from stealing when there's no key in the ignition, as it blocks your wheels from moving.
Quite often, you can see them on safes. If you've ever used a Sentry Safe, then you probably have dealt with this type of lock. Their rare nature is one of their biggest advantages, as many criminals might not be aware of how to deal with them. They create an impression of a high level of security.
Many car owners choose this lock for their garage doors because of their efficiency and protection level.
If you decide that this lock is suitable for your needs, then you can always use professional residential or safe locksmith services.
clear cruciform lock
clear cruciform lock

Summing up

Deciding which lock to use can be really hard. All the available options serve different purposes and have their own pros and cons. Cruciform locks or as they're also called cross locks, are not that common, but they're efficient and secure. If you still have any questions or maybe you need professional assistance, Sure Lock & Key will gladly help you.

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