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How does a disk detainer lock work

Our world is full of dangers and risks, so it's essential to do everything possible to avoid them. One of the first places you'll need to provide the best protection is your house. Thankfully, today there are so many ways to maximize your home security, from all kinds of sensors and detectors to full-scale security systems.

One of the first things to care about is the locks you choose. There are so many different lock types out on the market for all kinds of purposes. All of us are probably familiar with deadbolt locks, smart locks, knob locks, etc. However, do you know anything about disk detainer locks? Today we want to talk more about this lock type and its working principles. We'll define the main features of a disk detainer lock to help you understand if it's suitable for you.

What is a disk detainer lock

A disk detainer lock is not as widely used as other lock types. So, many people might not know what it is exactly.
The main elements of this lock are disks that are operated with the key directly. All these disks have gates of two types – true gates and false gates. A true gate creates a dent, the main purpose of which is to fit in the sidebar. When the sidebar gets into that gap, the plug can turn and the lock will unlock. Basically, the sidebar blocks the movement of the locking mechanism in case the wrong key is used. A false gate is designed to protect the lock from getting picked. Another part of a disk detainer lock is the spacers, which are gaps between the discs.

How does it work

How exactly do these disk detainer locks work? Just like with any other lock type, there are various versions of a disc detainer. These locks can be of different complexity. However, their working principles are pretty much the same.
When you're using the correct key, it'll go all the way through the cylinder, through all the discs. When you rotate the key, all the discs get in a plate and all the true gates form a gap. Then the sidebar gets into that gap and opens the way for the plug. This plug starts turning and other elements of the lock get released. As a result, your door will get unlocked.
disk detainer locks on table
So, basically, the working principle is similar to the one tumbler locks have. However, here there are no pins, only the discs. To open this kind of lock without a key, you'll need special lockpicking tools. In case you lose a key, you might need professional emergency locksmith services to unlock the door.
disk detainer locks on table

Features of a disc detainer lock

As we have already mentioned, disk detainer locks can be of different complexity, so choose one depending on the security level you need. These locks can be composed of different materials as well. You can decide whether you want a steel one or a brass one. Some of these locks might even be weather-resistant.
One of the main benefits of disc detainer locks is that they are hard to pick. So, they're often used for safes, for example, as they provide a high level of security.
Disc detainer locks are not really hard to install, but you might still need professional assistance. The price range for these locks is quite wide. Depending on the features you need, it might be somewhat expensive and while some models that are not that advanced are more affordable.
Another advantage of disc detainer locks is that they can resist tamper attacks. Plus, they are considered to be really durable.
key stucked in disk detainer lock
key stucked in disk detainer lock

Summing up

We all know how hard it might be to choose a lock, considering the number of options available. One of the options that are affordable, easy to operate and secure at the same time are disc detainer locks. These locks are equipped with discs that get aligned when the correct key is used.
If you still have any questions about disc detainer locks or need some assistance with the installation, Sure Lock & Key is here for you.

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