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How to choose a home security system

Want to feel secure and protected in your own home? Consider installing a security system. Having decent doors and locks is good but having an extra layer of security is obviously more secure and hence, even better. There are so many different options to choose from, when it comes to security systems. So, before deciding to install a security system, it’s good to consider all the factors. Do you want to operate it yourself, or would you rather have a professional do it?

Which components do you want to have - cameras, sensors, alarms, motion detection, etc.? It might be a difficult decision to make, so if you’re undecided and feel you need advice, it’s good to consult with a professional. Sure Lock & Key, with over 35 years of experience is a team of licensed experts ready to answer any of your questions regarding all forms and options of security systems. Also, we’ll be happy to assist you with respect to any installation needs!

How do I know if my alarm is working

As we’ve already mentioned, security systems might be equipped with different components. Many people prefer security systems with alarms as they might alert them or even the police directly if something happens. So, how secure are alarm systems and do they always work properly? When you install a security system, you probably want to check how it works to ensure it actually provides you with protection. That's why it’s always good to run some tests.
If you’re operating the system yourself, you can check how it works on the control panel. The function of “system check” shows you if the sensors work properly.
If you have a company that monitors your system, you’ll need to call them and ask them to help you. You’ll need to ask them to put your security system in TEST mode so they know it’s not a real alert. Then you have to close all the doors and windows that are connected to the system. After that, you’ll have to set yourself as AWAY, so the system thinks you’re not there. Wait for about a minute until everything starts working. After you’re done with all these steps, the procedure is easy. You just have to open every single door and window that is connected to the alarm. Every time you try to open it, people who monitor it receive a notification. After you have gone through all the possible locations, it’s time to contact the monitoring company. They’ll be able to tell you if all the sensors work properly. If everything is functioning, you will need to take your system out of the TEST mode.
women use security system keypad
women use security system keypad

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How often should you test your security system

Home safety is vital for most people, so there’s no doubt about the importance of home security systems. They enhance your safety when you’re inside the house and allow you to protect your property when you’re outside. You can even monitor what’s going on thousands of miles away, on vacation, a work trip or whatever the reason. Even though security systems are very reliable, it’s always good to check if all is well, from time to time.
Let’s be honest - nothing can last forever, so it’s essential to run some tests to ensure the system is functioning properly.
So then, how often should you run these tests? Well really testing should be done regularly but not too often. The best option is to conduct a check-up once a month. It doesn’t take much time, and then you’ll know that everything is in order. However, there might be other situations that arise in which it would be wise to check on your security systems. For example, if you had any maintenance workers do something for you or you had any home renovations that could have inadvertently damaged parts of your system.

Who can test security systems

Security testing is necessary to maintain your security system in working order. There’s no point in having a home security system if it only works occasionally. You might want to know who can test your system. There are two options: you can do it yourself or call a security company that is responsible for monitoring your house. First of all, you have to check if your alarm system works properly. So, if someone tries to break in, it will alert you or the security company. There is a short guide on how to do it above. Next, you have to check to see if your surveillance cameras and locks are functioning properly. If you have any problems with your security systems or need to install new ones, you might want to use professional and local security locksmith services.

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Security Testing: Types, Tools and Best Practices

With the development of technology, new security systems appear regularly. Many people have started using smart home security systems. They are easy andconvenient to use. You can easily control everything through your smartphone. Also, you decide who has access to your property and who can change the system at any moment, with just a few clicks. However, there’s one big problem you might face – that is hacking.
To avoid that, you will need a professional to secure your data, and you will also need to do regular security testing. It helps to define whether your system is sensitive to cyberattacks. Doing this properly can sometimes be very confusing, so here’s a short guide of different types of security testing.
  1. Application security testing: Locates any weak points in the software.
  2. Penetration testing: Simulates a hacker’s attack and allows one to see if the system is vulnerable to such attacks.
  3. Risk assessment: The name speaks for itself. Basically, it allows one to measure the risks, classify them and then take certain measures to control them.
  4. Security auditing: This is a system inspection to see if there are any security flaws.
Some tools you might use for security testing are: SAST, DAST, SCA as well as many others.

Summing up

Home security gives you peace of mind and ensures a feeling of safety. Today there are a variety of security systems to choose from. You can monitor the system yourself or have a professional monitor it for you. You can also decide which components you want to include in your security system. However, there’s one thing you need to do for any security system - regular security testing. It allows you to check if everything is functioning properly and helps to maintain the system. If you’re thinking about installing a home security system, or you have some problems with your existing system, it's best to contact a professional locksmith. Sure Lock & Key will gladly provide you with a variety of locksmith and security services. Afterall, it’s our job and we Love what we do.

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