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What are bullet-type cameras

You probably have seen bullet-type security cameras dozens of times on the streets. These are those cameras of cylindrical shape often installed on buildings' corners. They are widely known to be a strong burglar deterrent since they are easier to spot than dome cameras.

Like any other security device, bullet cameras have their pros and cons. So, before deciding on which camera you would prefer for your property, let's check in detail when bullet cameras may work the best for you and when they won't offer you what you need. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to give you a helping hand whenever it comes to security services to complicated security-related questions.

Pros and cons of bullet cameras

Security cameras work to your advantage only when chosen correctly and installed professionally. In other words, it may not be enough to purchase the first camera you can find and put it in the nearest corner. Having specific features, security cameras need specific conditions to be useful. So, what are the conditions needed for bullet-type cameras to be as effective as possible?
  • Bullet cameras are great for footage on a long range while offering a narrow view angle. Dome cameras, in their turn, offer a wider view angle but won't be the best option for a long-range video. That's why people usually install bullet cameras in their backyards.
  • Bullet cameras greatly operate indoors and outdoors. However, they might be an easy target for vandals if installed not high enough. Criminals may easily turn the camera to be pointing in another direction. That's why where you place your outdoor cameras is highly important.
  • Today, most bullet cameras have built-in IR Illuminators so that the surveillance won't stop once the sun is down.
two bullet cameras looking for both sides
  • A camera's form allows a manufacturer to put inside a larger lens, which means you will get high-resolution footage. However, resolution may vary depending on the make and model, but normally manufacturers offer bullet cameras with 1940 x 1080 resolution.
  • Larger lenses also make bullet cameras perfect for license plate recognition. If the camera is equipped with IR illuminators, you may be able to get clear footage of a license plate even at night.
  • This type of CCTV camera is much easier to install than dome cameras, so many people choose to perform the installation of bullet-type cameras themselves. Additionally, all it requires is a wall mount, while dome cameras can be installed only on ceilings.
  • This kind of security camera is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, they are not that good against spider webs.
two bullet cameras looking for both sides

Types of bullet cameras

There are many types of bullet cameras on the market, which may have both advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Without appropriate knowledge choosing one might be challenging. However, a wide range of options is a guarantee that there definitely will be something to suit your needs. Let's quickly go over the most popular kinds of bullet cameras.
  • Outdoor Bullet Cameras are sturdy devices to withstand almost all-weather challenges. You can even get a camera with a built-in temperature gauge and heater if you live in a place with extremely cold winters.
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Bullet Cameras use a Wi-Fi connection to provide surveillance. They offer cloud-based storage and access, which might lead to the whole system being more vulnerable if there's no correct maintenance and regular software updates.
  • Mini Bullet Cameras provide video at a shorter distance while offering a wider viewing angle. Except for that, they retain all the features of standard-size bullet cameras.
  • PTZ (Pan-Tit-Zoom) Bullet Cameras offer you the ability to adjust the zoom and direction of the camera remotely. That feature makes PTZ bullet cameras the best option for parking lots and building exteriors.
outdoor bullet camera
outdoor bullet camera

Summing Up

Your security camera is a powerful tool if it is chosen according to your specific needs and the features of the place where it's installed. That's why getting any security camera might not be enough to provide your building with the safety level you wish. Bullet-type cameras are a great option for both external and internal use. However, there are many factors to consider before choosing the type you need. Sure Lock & Key is always ready to give you a helping hand and provide you with your best security camera!

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