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Touch-free door opener & Automatic Door

All of us probably see and use automatic doors every day. You just come close to the door and it opens. However, have you ever wondered how it works? This door has many sensors and mechanisms, but the main system that operates it is an automatic door opener. This type of door is used in most public spaces, like shopping malls, airports, stores, hospitals, etc. They are easily accessible, so it makes it super convenient to enter the building even if your hands are full. Automatic doors provide hygiene control as you don’t have to touch door handles that have millions of germs and bacteria.

Another great tool that provides that is a touch-free door opener. These devices became extremely popular after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sure Lock & Key is ready to tell you everything about the working principles of both systems and assist you in deciding if they’re suitable for you. Let’s dive in!

What is a no-touch door opener used for

We can all agree that automatic doors are super easy to use and convenient. They’re widely used for all kinds of commercial buildings today. So, let’s define the main purposes of these doors.
  • Convenience and accessibility. With these doors, you can freely enter the building even if you’re carrying luggage in both hands. These doors are really convenient for disabled people, as they can easily use them without additional help.
  • Hygiene control. These doors provide hands-free entry, so you avoid touching dirty knobs and handles. They are perfect for hospitals or food factories where sanitation is essential.
  • Energy saving and temperature control. These doors automatically close when the person enters. So, there’s no chance someone leaves them wide open and lets the heat or cold inside.
hands free door opener
However, they might lack security, as mostly they’re made out of glass, so they can easily be smashed. If you’re using this type of door, maybe consider providing your facility with additional security, like CCTV cameras, for example.
Another tool that is quite popular today is a no-touch door open. Why have people started using it so actively?
The main purpose of a touch-free door opener is to avoid using door handles in public spaces as it’s very unsanitary. There might be millions of germs on that handle, especially on the main entrance doors, as hundreds of people touch it every day. In 2020, when the coronavirus broke out, these tools became mainstream. They come in different shapes and sizes, suitable for different types of doors.
hands free door opener

How do you use a hands-free door opener

As we have already mentioned, the main reason for using a hands-free door opener is to avoid touching the door handles.
Many people have probably seen these devices, but they might be confused about how to use them. Basically, it depends on the type of door and the type of hands-free door opener you choose.
Some doors are equipped with foot door openers. It is mostly used in public bathrooms, so after you wash your hands, you may open the door with your foot instead. Many people prefer using door pull. Basically, it looks like a little hook that you use to grab the handle and press it down to open the door. Even though door knobs are not as common as handles, still some doors in public areas are equipped with those. So, there’s an opener with a handle and a circle-shaped part made to grab the knob and turn it. It kind of looks like a wrench, in a way, just bigger. People sometimes put little plastic panels on their door handles to open them with their elbow instead of their hand. Some public facilities just use touchless doors that have no knobs or handles. You may just push them with your foot or shoulder to open them.
instructions for hands-free opener
instructions for hands-free opener

What is a Klenkey

One of the most popular hands-free openers is Klenkey. It’s a door handle opener, mainly made out of metal. It is pretty small, so you can easily carry it around with you. It has a little hole at the bottom, so you can put it on your keys. It has a handle part that it’s really convenient to hold and then it has a hooked part. You grab the handle with the help of the hook and push it down to open the door. You might use this Klenkey to push the elevator buttons or keypad, as they also have many germs on the surface.
Klenkey opener
Klenkey opener

What is an EDC door opener

The abbreviation EDC means “everyday carry.” An EDC door opener is pretty similar to Klenkey in shape and size. You can put it on your key bundle and use it as a keychain as well. The working principles are the same. You may use it to pull the door, push the handle and press the buttons. Its main benefit is that it’s tiny, so you can easily take it everywhere with you. Some of the EDC openers may be used as box openers and even styluses.

Summing up

Door handles in public spaces are one of the dirtiest things with tons of germs. There are two ways to avoid touching them. Owners of public spaces, like shops, airports, hospitals, etc., might consider replacing classic doors with automatic ones. They’re super convenient and provide hands-free entry. However, not all public places take this initiative, so you might do it yourself. To avoid touching handles, you may purchase touch-free door openers. They’re small and easy to use. You can use them as a keychain and carry them around everywhere with you.

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